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Musical Improvisation: Art, Education, and Society

Musical Improvisation for Children: Book & CD (Creative Ability Development Series)

Improvisation for Classical Musicians: Strategies for Creativity and Expression

The Improvisation of Musical Dialogue: A Phenomenology of Music

In the Course of Performance: Studies in the World of Musical Improvisation (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)

Musical Improvisation and Open Forms in the Age of Beethoven

Creative Jazz Improvisation (4th Edition)

Musical Creativity: Strategies and Tools in Composition and Improvisation (Computational Music Science)

Inside Improvisation, Vol 3: Jazz Line (For All Instruments) (Book & CD) (Advance Music: Inside Improvisation Series for All Instruments)

Inside Improvisation, Vol 1: Melodic Structures (For All Instruments), Book & CD (Advance Music: Inside Improvisation Series for All Instruments)


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