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Year 5 with CDRom (100 ACTIVprimary Whiteboard Lessons)

Year 6 (100 Smartboard Lessons)

Introduction to the Jazz Flute : 50 Easy Lessons

La fille du régiment (Act II: Lesson Trio): Flute part (Qty 4) [A3480]

20 Easy and Melodic Lessons Op.93 Vol.1. For Flute.

Letters From The Broom Cupboard

Tone Development Through Extended Techniques - Flute Etudes and Instruction

Music for Three, Volume 7, Part 2 Violin, Flute or Oboe

Lesson and Song Book for the 1 1/3 Octave Minor Scale Native American Flute; Revised now includes key for most tuned 5 and 6 hole flutes

First Division Band Method - Part 1 - C-Flute


Music Scenes