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Hand Book of Pesticide residue and Heavy Metals Analysis Techniques

Lead, Cadmium and Mercury in Food: Assessment of Dietary Intakes and Summary of Heavy Metal Limits of Foodstuff

X-ray Fluorescence determination of heavy metals in aquasystems: Determination of heavy metals in lates, and caridina niloticus from Lake Victoria using EDXRF analytical technique

Recovery of Heavy Metals from Electroplating Wastewater Sludge: Research using the Acid Dissolution Technique

Strong and Weak Topology Probed by Surface Science: Topological Insulator Properties of Phase Change Alloys and Heavy Metal Graphene (MatWerk)

Metal Speciation in the Environment (Nato ASI Subseries G:)

Biosorption of Heavy Metals by Phytoremediation and Bioremediation: Removal of Arsenic (III) and Chromium (VI) from Water Using Phytoremediation and Bioremediation Techniques

Remediation of some degraded soils using new techniques: Chemical remediation/Salt-affected soil/Heavy metals/Fractionation/Dissolved organic carbon/Wheat plants/Lettuce plants

Environmental Pollution of Paddy Soils (Soil Biology)

Green Adsorbents for Pollutant Removal: Fundamentals and Design (Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World)


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