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Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter (Third Edition)

Cycles for Guitar: Triads voice-led through 6 cycles from Root, 1st, and 2nd inversions using close and spread voicings (major, harmonic minor, melodic minor & harmonic major scales)

The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications, Vol. I

Garage Band Theory - GBTool 17 Triad Inversions for Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo: Music theory for non music majors, living room pickers and working ... the Pro's Use to Play by Ear) (Volume 18)

Triad Pairs for Jazz: Practice and Application for the Jazz Improvisor

Music for Children: Volume 3: Major - Dominant and Subdominant Triads

Revisiting Music Theory

Alfred's Basic Piano Course: Lesson Book - Level 3

Understanding Music Chord Structures and Progressions

Scales, Intervals, Keys and Triads: A Self-Instruction Program


Music Scenes