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Arlen Roth's Heavy Metal Guitar

Book of John: Wicked Guitar Licks & Techniques for the Modern Shredder

Shredding Paganini: Heavy Metal Guitar Meets 9 Masterpieces by Niccolo Paganini, Book, CD & DVD (Shredding Styles)

Metallica - Bass Legendary Licks: An Inside Look at the Bass Styles of Metallica

Metal Bass Lines

Metal Guitar Practice Strategies: Techniques to Turbocharge Your Progress

Heavy metal lead guitar: A comprehensive guide to the techniques, equipment and effects needed to play heavy metal

Future Sounds: A Book of Contemporary Drumset Concepts, Book & CD

Shredding Guitar Workout: Heavy Metal Meets the Thinking Shredder's Technical Practice (Book & DVD) (Shredding Styles)

Guitar Chords: A Fretboard Sticker Book


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