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Mel Bay Fundamentals of Mallet Playing

Portraits in Melody: 50 Studies for Marimba and Xylophone

Pares Scales: Marimba, Xylophone or Vibes

by George Hamilton Green George Hamilton Green's Instruction Course for Xylophone: A Complete Course of Fifty Lessons (2000) Paperback

Beginner's Guide to Percussion: a quick reference guide to Percussion instruments and how to play them

Agogo Bells to Xylophone: A Friendly Guide to Classroom Percussion Instruments (Percussion Players)

Chansons Populaires a 8 Note: Modele de Musique pour Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Flute a bec, Cloches et Piano: French Edition (Popular 8 Note Songs) (Volume 7)

Beliebte 8 Noten Lieder: Musikmuster fur Xylophon, Glockenspiel, Blockflote, Glocken and Piano: German Edition (Popular 8 Note Songs) (Volume 6)

Canciones Populares de 8 Notas: Patrones de Musica para Xilofono, Glockenspiel, Clarinete, Campanas y Piano: Popular 8 Note Songs Spanish Edition (Volume 5)

Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music)


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