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Fantasies of Improvisation: Free Playing in Nineteenth-Century Music

Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: A Harmonic Approach

Jazz Improvisation for Guitar (REH Pro Lessons)

Jerry Coker's Complete Method for Improvisation: For All Instruments (CD included)

Visual Improvisation for Jazz Guitar: Understand and Command the Fretboard

Ready, Aim, Improvise!: Exploring the Basics of Jazz Improvisation, Book & 2 CDs (Advance Music)

Inside Improvisation, Vol 3: Jazz Line (For All Instruments) (Book & CD) (Advance Music: Inside Improvisation Series for All Instruments)

A Classical Approach to Jazz Piano Improvisation

Improvisation for Saxophone: The Scale/Mode Approach (Saophone: Improvisation)

Music Theory Through Improvisation: A New Approach to Musicianship Training


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