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Adult Piano Lesson #2 Easy Piano Technique - Block Triads, Broken Triads, Melody in 3rds: Song: Survey Wondrous Cross (Learn Piano Techniques)

Five String Bass: Complete Book of Scales, Modes and Chords

Simplified music theory

Theory for Piano Students - Book 2: Piano Technique

Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children lll: Major: Dominant and Subdominant Triads (Volume 3)

Rhythm Guitar: Essential Concepts Series

Guitar Hacks: Triads and Inversions

The Guitar Fretwork Compendium Part I: Major and Minor Triad Shapes

Technique Builders: Fundamental Study Patterns to Improve Piano Proficiency

Cycles for Guitar: Triads voice-led through 6 cycles from Root, 1st, and 2nd inversions using close and spread voicings (major, harmonic minor, melodic minor & harmonic major scales)


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