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Violin Scales - All Major & Melodic Minor Scales, Triads, Broken Thirds & CD

Harmonious Triads: Physicists, Musicians, and Instrument Makers in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology)

Getting Around The Bass

Arpeggios for Bass (Musicians Institute: Private Lessons)

FretBoard ABCs: Building Confidence, Guitar FretBoard Knowledge, and the Foundations of Tonal Structures

UST Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Vol. 2 to 9 Compact: All possible Upper Structure Triads in a IIm7 V7 progression

Triads over Bass: Slash Chords and Upper Structures (The Jazz Guitar WorkShop Series)

Advanced Triads for Guitar

Complete Electric Bass Method: Beginning Electric Bass, Book & CD (Complete Method)

30 Piano Chords - Games & Puzzles - Triads, Chord Inversions, 10ths, major, minor,: Learn Piano Chords (Games & Quizzes)


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