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The Book of Triads: 80 Ways to Play Diatonic Triads, Volume 2, C Melodic Minor

Intervalic Improvisation - The Modern Sound: A Step Beyond Linear Improvisation

Blank Music Sheet notebook, Manuscript Paper, 8.5"x11",50 pages: for musicians, songwriters, guitar, violin and piano music composers (Music Symbols Aqua Cover)

The Art of Scale Weaving: (A new look into the relationships between triads, pentatonic scales, and heptatonic scales.)

Cello Scales - Scales, Triads, Broken Thirds - All Major & Melodic Minor - Book plus All 144 mp3 Files by Lois Phillips (2014-08-02)

The Todd Johnson Walking Bass Line Module System, Vol 1: Triad Modules (Alfred's Artist Series)


Music Fundamentals: A Balanced Approach

Alfred's Basic Piano Course: Lesson Book - Level 3

Understanding Music Chord Structures and Progressions


Music Scenes