%C5%BBandarmeria Wojskowa
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%C5%BBandarmeria Wojskowa
Military Gendarmerie
?andarmeria Wojskowa
?andarmeria wojskowa-symbol.svg
Badge of the Military Gendarmerie
Country Poland
BranchPolish Armed Forces
TypeMilitary Police
WebsiteOfficial website
Current CommanderBrigadier General Tomasz Po?uch

The Military Gendarmerie (Polish: ?andarmeria Wojskowa, abbreviated ?W) is a military provost created in 1990 in Poland as an independent part of the Polish Armed Forces.


Polish military police traces its history to the communist era Military Internal Service (Polish: Wojskowa S?u?ba Wewn?trzna), World War II-era Service for Protection of the Uprising (Polish: Wojskowa S?u?ba Ochrony Powstania), interwar-era military police in the Second Polish Republic, formations of the January and November Uprising, Duchy of Warsaw and finally, some officials of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, first created in early 17th century.

The modern Polish Military Gendarmerie was formed on September 1, 1990 on the basis of order No. Pf-42 / Org. Minister of National Defense of 18 April 1990 and order No. 062 / Org. Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army of June 15, 1990. At this formation the structure was as follows:

  • Headquarters of the Military Police in Warsaw
  • Military Police Command:
    • Warsaw Military District
    • Pomeranian Military District
    • Silesian Military District

In addition, the following Military Gendarmerie Departments were established: Warsaw, Krakow, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Wroc?aw and Pozna?, and also the Military Gendarmerie Training Center in Mi?sk Mazowiecki.

In December 2011 the ?andarmeria Wojskowa made an application to the European Gendarmerie Force to become a full member state, and has been since 2013.[1]

Two military police officers and a four-wheel drive police car from the ?andarmeria Wojskowa.


The ?W is organized into:

  • Headquarters
  • 3 special units
  • 10 units
  • 2 departments
  • 45 regional stations


The current commander is brigadier general Miros?aw Rozmus.

  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Jerzy Jarosz (1 IX 1990 - 20 II 1992)
  • P?k dypl. (Certified Officer) Henryk Pi?tkowski (11 III 1992 - 1 IV 1993)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Alfons Kupis (1 IV 1993 - 24 VII 2000)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Jerzy S?owi?ski (1 VIII 2000 - 30 VII 2003)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Bogus?aw Pacek (31 VII 2003 - 3 X 2006)
  • gen. dyw. (Divisional General) Jan ?ukowski (3 X 2006 - 1 I 2008)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Marek Witczak (2 I 2008 - 17 XII 2010)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Miros?aw Rozmus (17 XII 2010 - 11 VI 2015)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Piotr Nidecki (12 VI 2015 - 24 XII 2015)
  • gen. bryg. (Brigadier General) Tomasz Po?uch (24 XII 2015 -)


Infantry weapons

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Glock 17 Glock 17 2nd Gen.jpg  Austria 9 mm Para Semi-Auto Pistol Glock 17 1,500 [2]
PM-84 Glauberyt PM06 Glauberyt PICT0014.jpg  Poland 9 mm Para Submachine Gun


MP5 MP5.jpg  Germany 9 mm Para Submachine Gun MP5A3 [2]
Mossberg 500 M590A1.png  United States 12 gauge M50440 [2]
Kbk wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl 02014 Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl - 5 Podhale Battalion..JPG  Poland 5.56mm NATO Carbine wz. 1996B
wz. 1996C
UKM-2000 NATO Trident Juncture 15 (22802564005).jpg  Poland 7.62mm NATO general purpose machine gun UKM-2000P
Sako TRG Sako TRG-42.jpg  Finland 7.62mm NATO Sniper Rifle TRG-22 [2]


Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Land Rover Defender Land Rover Polish PICT0181.jpg  United Kingdom Four-wheel Multi-Purpose Drive Vehicle 100 [3]
AMZ ?o? SWP2014-0022.jpg  Italy
4x4 truck [2]
Skoda Octavia Military Police PL.jpg  Czech Republic Intervention vehicle [2]
Opel Vivaro ?W OPEL VIVARO.jpg  Germany Van [2]
Ford Transit Ford Transit 85 of the Military Police of Poland during the VII Aircraft Picnic in Kraków.jpg  United States Van [2]
Opel Insignia  Germany Patrol car
Yamaha FZ6  Japan Motorcycle [2]

Members who have died in service

Soldiers of the Military Police died during their official duties:

  • Starszy kapral Krzysztof Sypie? from the Military Gendarmerie Department in Krakow, + 11 VIII 2002 Krakow, posthumously promoted to Plutonowy.
  • Starszy szeregowy Grzegorz Bukowski from the Special Branch of the Military Police in Mi?sk Mazowiecki, + 15 June 2010 Afghanistan, posthumously promoted to the rank of Kapral.
  • Starszy szeregowy Marcin Pastusiak from the Special Branch of the Military Police in Mi?sk Mazowiecki, + 22 January 2011 Afghanistan, posthumously promoted to the rank of Sier?ant.
  • Starszy szeregowy Tomasz Janowski from the Special Branch of the Military Police in Gdynia, + 29 March 2016 Iraq, posthumously promoted to the rank of Sier?ant.

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