1972 United States House of Representatives Elections in Illinois
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1972 United States House of Representatives Elections in Illinois

Of the 24 Illinois incumbents, 18 were re-elected.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 Ralph H. Metcalfe Democratic 1970 Incumbent re-elected. ? Ralph H. Metcalfe (Democratic) 91.4%
Louis Coggs (Republican) 8.6%
Illinois 2 Morgan F. Murphy
Redistricted from the 3rd district
Democratic 1970 Incumbent re-elected. ? Morgan F. Murphy (Democratic) 75.0%
James E. Doyle (Republican) 25.0%
Illinois 3 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
? Robert P. Hanrahan (Republican) 62.3%
Daniel P. Coman (Democratic) 37.7%
Illinois 4 Ed Derwinski Republican 1958 Incumbent re-elected. ? Ed Derwinski (Republican) 70.5%
C. F. 'Bob' Dore (Democratic) 29.5%
Illinois 5 John C. Kluczynski Democratic 1950 Incumbent re-elected. ? John C. Kluczynski (Democratic) 72.8%
Leonard C. Jarzab (Republican) 27.2%
Illinois 6 Harold R. Collier
Redistricted from the 10th district
Republican 1956 Incumbent re-elected. ? Harold R. Collier (Republican) 61.2%
Michael R. Galasso (Democratic) 38.8%
Illinois 7 George W. Collins
Redistricted from the 6th district
Democratic 1970 Incumbent re-elected. ? George W. Collins (Democratic) 82.8%
Thomas J. Lento (Republican) 17.2%
Illinois 8 Dan Rostenkowski Democratic 1958 Incumbent re-elected. ? Dan Rostenkowski (Democratic) 74.0%
Edward Stepnowski (Republican) 26.0%
Illinois 9 Sidney R. Yates Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. ? Sidney R. Yates (Democratic) 68.3%
Clark W. Fetridge (Republican) 31.7%
Illinois 10 Abner J. Mikva
Redistricted from the 2nd district
Democratic 1968 Incumbent lost re-election.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
? Samuel H. Young (Republican) 51.6%
Abner J. Mikva (Democratic) 48.4%
Illinois 11 Frank Annunzio
Redistricted from the 7th district
Democratic 1964 Incumbent re-elected. ? Frank Annunzio (Democratic) 53.3%
John J. Hoellen (Republican) 46.7%
Roman C. Pucinski Democratic 1958 Retired to run for U.S. Senator.
Democratic loss.
Illinois 12 Phil Crane
Redistricted from the 13th district
Republican 1969 Incumbent re-elected. ? Phil Crane (Republican) 74.2%
Edwin L. Frank (Democratic) 25.8%
Illinois 13 Robert McClory
Redistricted from the 12th district
Republican 1962 Incumbent re-elected. ? Robert McClory (Republican) 61.5%
Stanley W. Beetham (Democratic) 38.5%
Illinois 14 John N. Erlenborn Republican 1964 Incumbent re-elected. ? John N. Erlenborn (Republican) 72.8%
James M. Wall (Democratic) 27.2%
Illinois 15 Leslie C. Arends
Redistricted from the 17th district
Republican 1934 Incumbent re-elected. ? Leslie C. Arends (Republican) 57.2%
Tim L. Hall (Democratic) 42.8%
Cliffard D. Carlson Republican 1972 (Special) Incumbent retired.
Republican loss.
Illinois 16 John B. Anderson Republican 1960 Incumbent re-elected. ? John B. Anderson (Republican) 71.9%
John E. Devine Jr. (Democratic) 28.1%
Illinois 17 None (district created) New seat.
New member elected.
Republican gain.
? George M. O'Brien (Republican) 55.6%
John J. Houlihan (Democratic) 44.4%
Illinois 18 Robert H. Michel Republican 1956 Incumbent re-elected. ? Robert H. Michel (Republican) 64.8%
Steven L. Nordvall (Democratic) 35.2%
Illinois 19 Tom Railsback Republican 1966 Incumbent re-elected. ? Tom Railsback (Republican) Unopposed
Illinois 20 Paul Findley Republican 1960 Incumbent re-elected. ? Paul Findley (Republican) 68.8%
Robert S. O'Shea (Democratic) 31.2%
Illinois 21 William L. Springer
Redistricted from the 22nd district
Republican 1950 Incumbent retired.
New member elected.
Republican hold.
? Edward Rell Madigan (Republican) 54.8%
Lawrence E. Johnson (Democratic) 45.2%
Illinois 22 George E. Shipley
Redistricted from the 23rd district
Democratic 1958 Incumbent re-elected. ? George E. Shipley (Democratic) 56.5%
Robert B. Lamkin (Republican) 41.0%
Cleo A. Duzan (Independent) 2.4%
Illinois 23 Melvin Price
Redistricted from the 24th district
Democratic 1944 Incumbent re-elected. ? Melvin Price (Democratic) 75.1%
Robert Mays (Republican) 24.9%
Illinois 24 Kenneth J. Gray
Redistricted from the 21st district
Democratic 1954 Incumbent re-elected. ? Kenneth J. Gray (Democratic) 93.7%
Hugh Muldoon (Independent) 6.3%

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