2000 United States Presidential Election in Connecticut
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2000 United States Presidential Election in Connecticut
2000 United States presidential election in Connecticut

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  Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994.jpg GeorgeWBush.jpg
Nominee Al Gore George W. Bush
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Tennessee Texas
Running mate Joe Lieberman Dick Cheney
Electoral vote 8 0
Popular vote 816,015 561,094
Percentage 55.91% 38.44%

Connecticut Presidential Election Results by County, 2000.svg
County Results

President before election

Bill Clinton

Elected President

George W. Bush

The 2000 United States presidential election in Connecticut took place on November 7, 2000, and was part of the 2000 United States presidential election. Voters chose 8 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

Connecticut was won by Vice President Al Gore by a 17.5% margin of victory. Gore's vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, had been a U.S. Senator from Connecticut since 1989. Connecticut had also been the birth state of Republican nominee George W. Bush, however as a presidential candidate Bush identified his home state as Texas, where he was governor, and he did not attempt to compete in Connecticut. Connecticut is considered a safe Democratic state, having not been won by a Republican presidential candidate since Bush's father George H. W. Bush in 1988. Connecticut is also the birth state of major Green Party candidate Ralph Nader.


2000 United States presidential election in Connecticut
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Al Gore 816,015 55.91% 8
Republican George W. Bush 561,094 38.44% 0
Green Ralph Nader 64,452 4.42% 0
Concerned Citizens Howard Phillips 9,695 0.66% 0
Reform Patrick Buchanan 4,731 0.32% 0
Libertarian Harry Browne 3,484 0.24% 0
Natural Law John Hagelin 40 0.00% 0
Independent Write Ins 14 0.00% 0
Totals 1,459,527 100.00% 8
Voter turnout (Voting age) 57%

Results breakdown

By county

County[1] Gore% Gore# Bush% Bush# Others% Others#
Fairfield 52.3% 193,769 43.1% 159,659 4.6% 16,861
Hartford 60.2% 221,167 34.7% 127,468 5.1% 18,921
Litchfield 47.9% 41,806 44.9% 39,172 7.2% 6,360
Middlesex 55.9% 43,319 37.8% 29,295 6.3% 4,819
New Haven 58.0% 197,928 36.0% 122,919 6.0% 20,252
New London 55.9% 60,449 37.7% 41,168 6.4% 7,530
Tolland 53.5% 33,554 39.4% 24,705 7.1% 4,441
Windham 54.6% 24,023 38.0% 16,708 7.4% 3,232

By congressional district

Gore won all 6 congressional districts.

District Bush Gore Representative
1st 32% 62% John Larson
2nd 38% 56% Sam Gejdenson
Rob Simmons
3rd 34% 60% Rosa DeLauro
4th 41% 55% Christopher Shays
5th 44% 51% James H. Maloney
6th 42% 52% Nancy Johnson


Technically the voters of Connecticut cast their ballots for electors: representatives to the Electoral College. Connecticut is allocated 8 electors because it has 6 congressional districts and 2 senators. All candidates who appear on the ballot or qualify to receive write-in votes must submit a list of 8 electors, who pledge to vote for their candidate and his or her running mate. Whoever wins the majority of votes in the state is awarded all 8 electoral votes. Their chosen electors then vote for president and vice president. Although electors are pledged to their candidate and running mate, they are not obligated to vote for them. An elector who votes for someone other than his or her candidate is known as a faithless elector.

The electors of each state and the District of Columbia met on December 18, 2000[2] to cast their votes for president and vice president. The Electoral College itself never meets as one body. Instead the electors from each state and the District of Columbia met in their respective capitols.

The following were the members of the Electoral College from the state. All were pledged to and voted for Gore and Lieberman:[3]

  1. Nick Balletto
  2. Frank Cirillo
  3. Marilyn Cohen
  4. Gloria Collins
  5. Kimberly Ford
  6. Thomas McDonough
  7. Ken Slapin
  8. Clorinda Soldevila


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