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Liga Panameña de Fútbol
Liga Panameña de Fútbol (2018).png
Founded1988; 33 years ago (1988)
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLiga Nacional de Ascenso
International cup(s)CONCACAF Champions League
Current championsCAI Independiente (2019)
Most championshipsÁrabe Unido, Tauro (15 titles)
TV partnersRPC TV, TV-Max
Current: 2020 Liga Panameña de Fútbol

The Liga Panameña de Fútbol (LPF) (English: Panamanian Football League) is the top division football league in Panama. Until 2009, the league was named "Asociación Nacional Pro Fútbol" (ANAPROF).

Competition format

The league's season is divided into two tournaments called the Apertura and Clausura. Both tournaments have an identical format. Each tournament has two stages: the first stage is a double round-robin round where each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away. The top-four teams advance to a final stage, a single-elimination culminating with a final match.

The first stage of both tournaments is combined into an aggregate table to determine relegation. The team with the fewest points is relegated to the Primera A for the following season.

The champions of both tournaments qualify to the CONCACAF Champions League.


Former logo used by Liga Panameña de Fútbol

In 1987, a group of men, composed of Giancarlo Gronchi, Jan Domburg, Edgar Plazas, Jorge Zelasny, Ángel Valero and Juan Carlos Delgado, founded the Asociación Nacional Pro-Fútbol (ANAPROF for short) on February 26, 1988.

Their objective was to organize professional football in Panama, in order to help the Panama national team in the long term.

Founding teams


  • The league was founded in as ANAPROF in 1988 after years of turmoil in Panamanian football. The first season, which featured six teams, began on February 26, 1988. Six teams participated. From that year until 2001, the league used a "long tournament" format in which every team played every other team in a home and away set. Since 2001, the league has used the Apertura/Clausura split season that is common to Latin America.
  • From 1994-96, Panamanian football was rent by a schism between ANAPROF and a rival league, LINFUNA. The split was resolved in 1996-97, when the leagues merged into a single twelve-team tournament.
  • The next few seasons of league football was a bit confusing as the governing body tried to sort out its formats. In 1997-98, the league was split into two groups for the regular season, followed by an eight-team playoff. In 1998-99, the league shrunk to ten teams, with six of them advancing to a post-season tournament. The top four advanced further to a playoff to determine the champion. A similar format was used in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.
  • In 2001, the Apetura/Clausura format was adopted, and with modifications has been used ever since. The most significant involved the idea of the Grand Championship playoff. From 2001 to 2007, the winner of the Apertura faced the winner of the Clausura to determine a season champion. After 2007, this idea was abandoned.
  • In 2009 ANAPROF changes its name to Liga Panameña de Fútbol.

2020 teams

Championships by team

1 Including 2 Winners in LINFUNA.
2 Including 2 Runners-up under the name Deportivo La Previsora.
dagger Teams dissolved.

Past results LINFUNA

From 1994 to 1996 Panamanian football went through a schism, with the alternative federation, LINFUNA (officially recognised by FIFA then). LINFUNA and ANAPROF joined again in 1996.

Seasons Champions Runners-up
1994-95 Árabe Unido Cosmos
1995-96 Árabe Unido Club Projusa

Results by year

The following table shows past results for ANAPROF (1988-09) and the Liga Panameña de Fútbol (2009-present)

Seasons Champions Manager Runners-up
1988 Plaza Amador Colombia Carlos Collazos Deportivo La Previsora
1989 Tauro Uruguay Miguel Mansilla Deportivo La Previsora
1990 Plaza Amador El Salvador Milton Palacios Tauro
1991 Tauro Uruguay Miguel Mansilla Euro Kickers
1992 Plaza Amador Colombia Carlos Collazos Sporting Colón
1993 Euro Kickers Panama Orlando Muñoz Club Projusa
1994-95 San Francisco Panama Leopoldo Lee Tauro
1995-96 San Francisco Panama Leopoldo Lee Plaza Amador
1996-97 Tauro Uruguay Miguel Mansilla Euro Kickers
1997-98 Tauro Uruguay Miguel Mansilla Árabe Unido
1998-99 Árabe Unido Peru Eliazar Herrera Tauro
1999-00 Tauro Panama Alfredo Poyatos Plaza Amador
2000-01 Panamá Viejo Panama Gary Stempel Tauro
2001 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra San Francisco
2001 (Clausura) Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra Plaza Amador
2002 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra San Francisco
2002 (Clausura) Plaza Amador Argentina Sergio Giovagnoli Tauro
2003 (Apertura) Tauro Colombia Gonzalo Soto Árabe Unido
2003 (Clausura) Tauro Colombia Gonzalo Soto Alianza
2004 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Paraguay Julio César Núñez Plaza Amador
2004 (Clausura) Árabe Unido Paraguay Julio César Núñez San Francisco
2005 (Apertura) Plaza Amador Panama Fernando Arnulfo Bolívar Árabe Unido
2005 (Clausura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Atlético Veragüense
2006 (Apertura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Plaza Amador
2006 (Clausura) Tauro Panama Rubén Guevara Árabe Unido
2007 (Apertura) Tauro Uruguay Miguel Mansilla San Francisco
2007 (Clausura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Árabe Unido
2008 (Apertura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Tauro
2008 (Clausura) Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra Tauro
2009 (Apertura) I San Francisco Panama Rubén Guevara Chorrillo
2009 (Apertura) II Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra Tauro
2010 (Clausura) Árabe Unido Colombia Richard Parra San Francisco
2010 (Apertura) Tauro Panama Juan Carlos Cubilla San Francisco
2011 (Clausura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Chorrillo
2011 (Apertura) Chorrillo Uruguay Miguel Angel Mansilla Plaza Amador
2012 (Clausura) Tauro Colombia Sergio Angulo Chepo
2012 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Colombia Jair Palacios Chepo
2013 (Clausura) Sporting San Miguelito Panama Mario Anthony Torres San Francisco
2013 (Apertura) Tauro Panama Rolando Palma San Francisco
2014 (Clausura) Chorrillo Panama Julio Medina III Río Abajo
2014 (Apertura) San Francisco Panama Gary Stempel Sporting San Miguelito
2015 (Clausura) Árabe Unido Colombia Sergio Guzman Independiente
2015 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Colombia Sergio Guzman Chorrillo
2016 (Clausura) Plaza Amador Colombia Jair Palacios Chorrillo
2016 (Apertura) Árabe Unido Colombia Sergio Guzman Plaza Amador
2017 (Clausura) Tauro FC Panama Rolando Palma Árabe Unido
2017 (Apertura) Chorrillo Colombia Oscar Upegui Árabe Unido
2018 (Clausura) CAI Independiente Panama Donaldo Gonzalez Tauro FC
2018 (Apertura) Tauro FC Uruguay Saul Maldonado Costa del Este F.C.
2019 (Clausura) CAI Independiente Venezuela Francisco Perlo San Francisco

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