Acid Tracks
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Acid Tracks
OriginChicago, U.S.
  • Lothario "Rio" Lee
  • Fernando "Fher" Rivera
  • DJ Pierre

Phuture is an American, Chicago-based acid house group of electronic musicians, founded in 1985 by Spanky, DJ Pierre and Herb J.[1]


Their seminal 12-minute track "Acid Tracks" (1987) is considered to be the first acid house record and they are widely credited with inventing the sound.[2]

"Acid Tracks" helped define the characteristic bass lines usually associated with the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer--which they manipulated to produce resonant and squelchy sounds uncharacteristic for a bass guitar it was designed to emulate. The track rose to popularity at DJ Ron Hardy's Music Box club in Chicago and has since been re-pressed many times.[3]

Phuture released a number of early electronic tracks now considered classics of the genre, usually as 12-inch vinyl maxi singles.[4] Their sound is dark and monotonous in nature; many tracks are very long, at times passing the 10-minute mark. The sparse lyrics occasionally reference drug use, such as the lyrics of "Your Only Friend" (1987), which describe cocaine addiction, or a simple chant, such as on "Spirit" (1994). The group has recorded under several pseudonyms, generally using the substitution of ph or pf for f. For example, the name Phortune or Pfortune.


Current members

  • Lothario "Rio" Lee
  • DJ Pierre (Nathaniel Pierre Jones) (1985-1990; 2013-present)
  • Fernando "Fher" Rivera

Former members

  • Herb J (Herbert Jackson) (1985-1988)
  • Jay Juniel (1990)
  • Phill Little (1990)
  • Roy Davis Jr. (1990-1997)
  • DJ Skull (Ron Maney) (1996-1997)
  • Spanky, aka DJ Spank Spank, aka DeeJay Phuture (Earl Smith Jr.) (1985-2016)


Singles and maxi-singles

  • Acid Trax (1987)
  • The Creator (1988)
  • We are Phuture (1988)
  • Do You Wanna Get Funky (1989)
  • Rise from Your Grave (1992)
  • Inside Out (1993)
  • Mental Breakdown (1994)
  • Spirit (1994)
  • Acid Trax / String Free (Phuture/Phortune) (1994)
  • Times Fade (Phuture, the Next Generation) (1996)
  • Jack 2 Jack (Robert Owens/Phuture) (1998)
  • Washing Machine / Got The Bug (Mr. Fingers/Phuture) (2002)


  • Roy Davis Jr.: Heart Attack (Phuture's Mix) (1994)


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