Administrative Divisions of Croatia
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Administrative Divisions of Croatia

The subdivisions of Croatia on the first level are the 20 counties (?upanija, pl. ?upanije) and one city-county (grad, "city").

On the second level these are municipalities (op?ina, pl. op?ine) and cities (grad, pl. gradovi). Both of these types of subdivisions encompass one or multiple settlements (naselje, pl. naselja) which are not public or legal entities, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics consider them as non-administrative units - human settlements, similar to the United States census designated places. As parts of the cities or the (larger) municipalities they may form city districts (gradski kotari or gradske ?etvrti) or local committee areas (mjesni odbori). Small municipalities usually consist of only one settlement.

Current (since 1992)

Vukovar-Syrmia CountyOsijek-Baranja CountyBrod-Posavina CountyPožega-Slavonia CountyVirovitica-Podravina CountyBjelovar-Bilogora CountyKoprivnica-Križevci CountyMeđimurje CountyVaraždin CountyKrapina-Zagorje CountyZagreb CountyCity of ZagrebSisak-Moslavina CountyKarlovac CountyIstria CountyPrimorje-Gorski Kotar CountyLika-Senj CountyZadar CountyŠibenik-Knin CountySplit-Dalmatia CountyDubrovnik-Neretva CountyMap of present-day counties of Croatia
Counties of Croatia:   Bjelovar-Bilogora   Brod-Posavina   Dubrovnik-Neretva   Istria   Karlovac   Koprivnica-Križevci   Krapina-Zagorje   Lika-Senj   Međimurje   Osijek-Baranja   Požega-Slavonia   Primorje-Gorski Kotar   Šibenik-Knin   Sisak-Moslavina   Split-Dalmatia   Varaždin   Virovitica-Podravina   Vukovar-Syrmia   Zadar   City of Zagreb   Zagreb County


Unions of municipalities (1986-1990)
  • Unions of Municipalities (zajednica op?ina, pl. zajednice op?ina) (11), including City of Zagreb Union of Municipalities (Zagreb metropolitan area) and City of Split Union of Municipalities (Split metropolitan area)
  • Municipalities (op?ina, pl. op?ine)
  • Local communities (mjesna zajednica, pl. mjesne zajednice)
  • Settlements (non legal or public entities)





  • Oblasts
  • Circles (okrug, pl. okruzi)
  • Districts
  • People's Committee Areas (mjesni narodni odbor, pl. mjesni narodni odbori) - village people's committee, raion people's committee, town/city people's committee

N.B. Until 1963 all subdivisions were governed by the elected people's committees. From 1963 to 1992 these were administered by the respective (elected) assemblies.


Independent State of Croatia, counties:
1941-1943 (1st)
1943-1944 (2nd)

Independent State of Croatia

  • Counties (22)
    • Baranja
    • Bilogora
    • Bribir and Sidraga
    • Cetina
    • Dubrava
    • Gora
    • Hum
    • Krbava - Psat
    • La?va and Gla?
    • Lika and Gacka
    • Livac and Zapolje
    • Modru?
    • Pliva and Rama
    • Pokupje
    • Posavje
    • Prigorje
    • Sana and Luka
    • Usora and Soli
    • Vinodol and Podgorje
    • Vrhbosna
    • Vuka
    • Zagorje
    • Zagreb
  • Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Cadastral municipalities (katastarske op?ine) (non legal or public entities, non local authorities)
Sava and Littoral Banovina (red and blue)
Banovina of Croatia



Oblasts of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes

Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (1868-1922)

Counties in the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia

Medieval Croatian Kingdom

Map of approximate locations of early medieval counties of Croatia
Approximate positions of the first counties of 10th century Croatia, overlaid on a map of modern Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Counties[2][3]
    • Livno
    • Cetina
    • Imotski
    • Pliva
    • Pesenta
    • Klis
    • Bribir
    • Nin
    • Knin
    • Sidraga
    • Luka
    • Gacka
    • Krbava
    • Lika

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