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Albofledis (or Albochledis) was a Frankish noblewoman, the daughter of the Frankish king Childeric I (d. 481) and the Thuringian noblewoman Basina (d. 477). She was a sister of Clovis I.[1] According to Gregory of Tours, she was baptised on the same day as her brother.[2] This event has been dated as early as 496 or as late as 509.[3][4] At the time she dedicated herself to a life of perpetual virginity, but she died not long after. Bishop Remigius of Reims addressed a letter of consolation to Clovis on the occasion of her death.[2] This letter is quoted in part by Gregory,[5] and is also included in full in the collection known as the Epistolae Austrasicae.[6] Although Gregory spells her name Albofledis, the scribe of the Epistolae gives Albochledis.[2] Remigius describes her as "chosen by God", a deo electa.[4]

Some historians are of the opinion that Albofledis is the same person as Audofleda and that Clovis had only two sisters, the other being Lantechildis.[7]


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