Amenmose (Vizier)
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Amenmose Vizier
Dynasty19th Dynasty

Amenmose was an ancient Egyptian vizier, who served during the reign of Amenmesse and Seti II.[1]


Scientists from the National University of La Plata will explore the tomb of Amenmose, more than 3,500 years old.

A team of researchers from the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences of the National University of La Plata obtained the concession of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities to explore the tomb of Amenmose (TT 318) located in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Luxor, Egypt: Dr. Andrea Zingarelli, director of the project and teacher at the Faculty of Humanities, said that "this tomb is more than 3,500 years old and its paintings and reliefs were never studied or published. They also need to be preserved so that they do not get lost forever. "During the month of January this year, a group of scientists from the UNLP, the National University of Córdoba and the University of Buenos Aires traveled to Egypt for the purpose of Start a new research project on the ancient Pharaonic culture.

The team, led by Zingarelli, remained in the cities of Cairo and Luxor for 40 days visiting the archeological sites. Upon returning, they presented a project to the Ministry of Antiquities, which was approved in April. The scientist said that "the tomb carved into the rock is decorated with magnificent paintings and reliefs that need to be preserved so that they are not lost forever. These valuable pictorial and written records of human history over 3500 years old also need to be studied and published to be known throughout the world. "The first campaign will take place from January 2020 and are in search of financing. Zingarelli clarified that "in order to carry out this expedition we need contributions that allow us to finance the campaign in Egypt.

Great discoveries await us and we will develop research that will contribute knowledge to the history of mankind and for scientific dissemination. We think it is important that we are the first researchers to study this tomb in Argentina and we hope to have the necessary support to carry it out. "This new Argentine mission in Egypt is entitled" Amenmose Project "and the conservation and study of the tomb of Amenmose (TT) is proposed. 318) located in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Luxor, Egypt. Amenmose was a stonemason of the Amun necropolis who lived during the reigns of Hathsepsut and Thutmose III, around the years 1479-1458 BC. Its tomb is among the numerous funeral chapels of high and medium dignitaries unevenly distributed along the western hills of ancient Thebes.

This set of tombs are called private tombs or tombs of nobles and constitute one of the greatest sources of information of ancient Egyptian society. The work aims to contribute to the conservation of the monument while developing various interdisciplinary lines of research with base in Egyptology, history, conservation and archeology.

The project is based in the Research Institute in Humanities and Social Sciences (UNLP-CONICET) and the UNLP research team is composed of Andrea Zingarelli, María Belén Castro, Yesica Leguizamon, Pablo Martín Rosell, Leila Salem, María Martha Sarmiento and Myriam Hara. In addition, advanced students and graduates of the UNLP will participate in the project. Other researchers from the CONICET of the UBA, the UNC and the UFTM (Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro) are also part of the team.

Source: Press Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences - UNLP


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