Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
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Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
Surudi milliji Ç?S Toçikiston
Gimn Tad?ikskoj SSR
English: State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic
? ?
Tajik SSR Anthem Music Sheet.InstrumentalSimple.svg

Former regional anthem of the  Tajik SSR
Former national anthem of  Tajikistan
LyricsAbolqasem Lahouti
MusicSuleiman Yudakov, 1946
Succeeded by"Surudi Milli"
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State Anthem of the Tajikistan SSR - ? (vocal)[1]

The "State Anthem of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic" (Tajik: ?; Russian: ? ? ) was the national anthem of Tajikistan until 1994. It was also the regional anthem of the Tajik SSR, a constituent republic of the Soviet Union.


The anthem used from 1946 to 1994. The music was composed by Suleiman Yudakov, and the lyrics were written by Abolqasem Lahouti. The melody is used in the current national anthem of Tajikistan, with different lyrics. It is composed in minor. In 1977, the lyrics were changed to remove mentions of Joseph Stalin. This is the version presented here for the Tajik stanzas, but the Russian version given here is the old one.[2]

Unlike other former Soviet states like Belarus, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan that appropriated their old Soviet-era regional anthems as national ones but did so without the Soviet lyrics, Tajikistan retained the Soviet lyrics for a time before replacing them in 1994.[2]

It is also one of the six countries to continuously use their Soviet-era anthems; the other five being Uzbekistan, Russia (since 2000), Kazakhstan (until 2006), Turkmenistan (until 1997), and Belarus.


Cyrillic script Latin script Perso-Arabic script IPA transcription (narrow) English translation[1][2]

? ,
? .
? ? .

? ?

? ?
? ? ?.

, .
? ?,

, ,
, , .

Cu dasti Rus madad namud,
?arodariji xalqi Sovet ustuvor ?ud,
sitoraji hajoti mo ?arora?or ?ud.
Guza?tahoji puriftixori mo
?a çilva omadandu dar dijori mo, dijori mo
Mustaqil davlati Toçikon ?arqaror ?ud.

Ba holi ta? daruni ?a?
Sadoji ra'di da'vati Lenin faro rasid
Zi ?arqi ?ajraqa? sijohiji sitam parid
Saodati çovidon dar in zamin
Zi partija ?a mo rasid, ?a partija sad ofarin
Mardu ozoda moro cunin ? ?iparvarid.

?iori mo dihad sado:
Baro?ar?, ?arodar? mijoni xalqi mo.
Zi xonadoni mo kase name?avad çudo,
Jagonagiro ?a xud sipar kunem
Ba s?ji fathi Kommunizm safar kunem, safar kunem,
Zinda ?od mulki mo, xalqi mo, Ittihodi mo.

. ?

? ? ? ?
. ? ?

? ? ? ?
? ?
. ? ? ?

.? ?
? ?

[tu: d?æ?st ru:s mæ?d?æ?d? næ?mu:d? ?]
[bæ?:d?æj? ?æ?lq s:ve?t ?stv:? d? |]
[s?t?:?æ?j? hæ?j:t mæ?:?æ?b:? d? ?]
[g?zætæ?h:j? p?ft: m:]
[bæ? dlvæ? :mæ?d?æ?nd?u: d?æ dj: m dj: m:]
[m?stæ?ql dæ?vlæ?t t?:di:k:n bæq?æ?:? d? ?]

[bæ? h:l? tæ?b d?æu:n? ?æ?b]
[sæ?d:j? ræd d?ævæ?t le?ni:n fæ?: ræ?si:d?]
[z? bæq bæ?j?æ?q?æ s?j:h?j? s?tæ?m p?æi:d?]
[sæ?:d?æ?t d?:v?d:n d?æ i:n zæ?mi:n]
[z? p?ætjæ? bæ? m: ræ?si:d? ? bæ? p?ætjæ? sæ?d? :fæi:n]
[mæd :z:d?æ? m:: t?ni:n ?: b?p?ævæi:d? ?]

[: m: dhæ?d? sæ?d]
[bæ?:bæí: | bæ?:d?æí: m?j:n? ?æ?lq m]
[z? :næ?d:n? m: k?æ?se?: næ?me?:?æ?væ?d? dd]
[jæ?g:næ?gi:: bæ? ?u:d? s?p?æ kne?:m]
[bæ? s?:j? fæ?th? k:m:u:ni:zm sæ?fæ kne?:m | sæ?fæ kne?:m |]
[z?nd?æ? b:d? m?lk m ?æ?lq m ?t?:h:d m]

When Russia's hand helped us
The brotherhood of the Soviet folk was formed
The star of our life was enlightened
Our glorious pasts
Came to vision and in our land, our land
The independent state of the Tajiks was established.

Being fevered in the night
Lenin's invite, stormed
From the light of his flag, the darkness of oppression was gone
The eternal prosperity on this Earth
Was delivered to us from the Party, Well done to the Party
It's the noble man, nurtured us so new

Our motto will rise
Equality, Brotherhood among our folk
From our family, no one will be left apart
We will make a shield of unity,
Toward the conquering of Communism we'll travel on, we'll travel on.
Long live our land, our folk, our union.


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