Aragonese Party
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Aragonese Party

The Aragonese Party (Spanish: Partido Aragonés, PAR) is a political party which advocates the interests of Aragon within Spain. The party was founded in 1978 under the name Aragonese Regionalist Party, but changed its name in 1990, keeping the initials PAR. The founders of PAR included Emilio Eiroa, who later served as the President of the Government of Aragon from 1991 to 1993.[3]

PAR had representation in the European Parliament (1999-2004) where it sat in the European Coalition group.

Electoral performance

Cortes of Aragon

Cortes of Aragon
Election Vote % Score Seats +/- Leader Status in legislature
Status Period
1983 124,018 20.51% 3rd
-- Hipólito Gómez de las Roces Opposition 1983-1987
1987 179,922 28.14% 2nd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg6 Minority government 1987-1989
Minority coalition (PAR-PP 1989-1991
1991 151,420 24.68% 2nd
Red Arrow Down.svg2 Majority coalition (PAR-PP) 1991-1992
Minority coalition (PAR-PP) 1992-1993
Opposition 1993-1995
1995 143,573 20.43% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg3 Emilio Eiroa Majority coalition (PP-PAR) 1995-1999
1999 86,519 13.25% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg4 José María Mur Minority coalition (PSOE-PAR) 1999-2003
2003 79,670 11.18% 4th
Red Arrow Down.svg2 José Ángel Biel Majority coalition (PSOE-PAR) 2003-2011
2007 81,135 12.08% 3rd
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1
2011 62,193 9.15% 3rd
Red Arrow Down.svg2 Opposition 2011
Majority coalition (PP-PAR) 2011-2015
2015 45,846 6.86% 5th
Red Arrow Down.svg1 Arturo Aliaga Opposition 2015-2019
2019 33,978 5.08% 7th
Red Arrow Down.svg3 Majority coalition (PSOE-Ps-CHA-PAR) 2019-present


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