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Axe Bahia

Axé Bahia is a six-member Eurodance/axé music group from Brazil, who achieved fame in South America with their single "Beijo na Boca", particularly the Spanish-language version, "Beso en la Boca".

Axé Bahia began its quest for fame in the late 1990s. Based in Brazil, the group was originally made up of Flaviana Seeling, Jeferson Fabiano Barbosa (died 2016), Jociney Barbosa, Thalyta, Amanda, and Rodrigo. The group, headed by Flaviana Seeling, was discovered by a Chilean businessman who saw some of its members dancing at a resort.

The group headed to Chile to test their luck and take their shot at fame in 2001.[1] Shortly after arriving to Chile, three of the group's members, Thalyta, Amanda, and Rodrigo, decided to head back to Brazil. The group in Chile decided to search for two more members and found Francini Contin do Amaral and Bruno Alexandre Lazzaretti. Flaviana Seeling, Jeferson Fabiano Barbosa, Jociney Barbosa, Francini Contin do Amaral, and Bruno Alexandre Lazzaretti are the five members that have performed the majority of the group's songs and dances, and is the group best known as Axé Bahia. When Flaviana Seeling got pregnant in 2003, the group added a sixth member, Brenda Carvalho, who replaced Seeling during her pregnancy. Afterward, Brenda Carvalho started her own group, Exporto Brasil. Axé Bahia, throughout its ongoing change in membership, has worked in Brazil, Chile, El Salvador (Canal 6), Mexico City and Peru, to name a few places. The group had to learn Spanish to be able to record outside of Brazil. This paid off, and they sold thousands of copies of their two albums throughout Latin America.

The membership of Axé Bahia, changed again in 2006, moving back to a sextet. The current members are Flaviana Seeling, Jeferson Fabiano Barbosa, Jociney Barbosa, and new members, Cleverson Leandro Ribeiro, Meire Guimaraes de Carvalho, and Gisele Salardi.[2] In 2006, Axé Bahia, along with adding three new members, created Axé Bahia Company, a dance school. Axé Bahia is most famous for its songs "Beijo Na Boca" (Spanish: "Beso en la Boca"), and "Tudo Bem".

"H Bahía" is a spin-off group from Axé Bahía.

On April 22, 2016, cofounder Jeferson Fabiano Barbosa died at age 40 after falling from the 20th floor from a departament in Santiago de Chile.[3]


  • 2002: Tudo bem
  1. "Namorar Pelado (Beijo Na Boca)" - 3:29
  2. "Gingado de Mola (Mostra)" - 2:46
  3. "Dança Da Manivela" - 4:00
  4. "Nego Maluco" - 2:59
  5. "Tapinha" - 2:35
  6. "Thu Thuca" - 2:28
  7. "Tudo Bem" - 3:41
  8. "Ali Babá" - 3:56
  9. "Axé Bahia" - 3:52
  10. "Bateu Levou (Country)" - 2:43
  11. "Dança Do Cangurú" - 3:17
  • 2002: Tudo bem 2, o ritmo continua
  1. "Danca Do Esquisito"
  2. "Pitbul"
  3. "Maomeno"
  4. "Amo Voce"
  5. "Tekila"
  6. "Flaviana"
  7. "Danca Do Vampiro"
  8. "Molinho Molinho"
  9. "Raimunda"
  10. "Que Calor, Que Calor"
  11. "Essa E Nova Moda"
  12. "A Moda Do Oriente"
  13. "Pra Ficar Dez"
  14. "Sempre Quer Me Bater"
  • 2003: Vuelve la onda del verano
  1. "Namorar Pelado"
  2. "Danca Da Manivela"
  3. "Vuelve La Onda"
  4. "Tesouro Do Pirata"
  5. "La Batidora"
  6. "Tudo Bem"
  7. "Ali Baba"
  8. "Maomeno"
  9. "Que Calor Que Calor"
  10. "Tchu Tchuca"
  11. "Danca Do Toureiro"
  12. "Banho de Yemanja"
  13. "Nego Maluco"
  14. "Beso en La Boca"
  • 2005: Positivo
  1. "Aerosamba" - 0:44
  2. "Es O No Es (Da ou Desce)" - 3:40
  3. "No Estoy Ni Ahi (To Nem Ai)" - 3:28
  4. "Pusha Pusha" - 3:39
  5. "La Cucarachiña (Dona Baratinha)" - 3:51
  6. "Mama Yo Quiero (Mamae Eu Quero)" - 3:09
  7. "Peloton (Pelotao Da Xuxa)" - 4:08
  8. "Sacudiendo a Yaca" - 3:36
  9. "Filete" - 3:21
  10. "Mueve La Pompa" - 4:00
  11. "Clima de Rodeo (Clima de Rodeio)" - 3:58
  12. "El Baile de Las Manitas (Danca Da Maozinha)" - 3:33
  13. "No Estoy Ni Ahi (To Nem Ai)" - 4:38
  14. 2008 Melhores Sucessos
  15. Danca Do Esquisito
  16. Yo Quiero Bailar
  17. Vuelve La Onda
  18. Tesouro Do Pirata (Remix)
  19. Tekila
  20. Tudo Bem (Remix)
  21. Tudo Bem
  22. Molinho Molinho
  23. Raimunda
  24. Beso En La Boca
  25. Essa E A Nova Moda
  26. Tapinha
  27. Onda Onda
  28. Namora Pelado
  29. Namora Pelado (Remix)
  30. Positivo Drink
  31. Danca Da Manivela (Remix)
  32. Gingado De Mola
  33. Pitbull
  34. La Cucarachiña
  35. 2014 Fiesta Mundial Ecuador 2014
    1. Dimelo
    2. Mueve La Pompa
    3. Jugaste Con Mi Amor
    4. Llondando un Cariño
    5. Homenaje
    6. No Es Fácil Perdonar
    7. El Cabanal
    8. Danca Do Tchan (En Vivo)
    9. La Terecumbia
    10. Que Ciego Fui
    11. Bailando Cuarare
    12. Así No Mamasita
    13. Donde Está El Amor
    14. Fresh Open Bar (En Vivo)
    15. Bla Bla Bla (En Vivo)
  36. 2016 Dance History 2.0
  37. Around The World
  38. Captain Jack
  39. Kernkraft 400
  40. Beso En La Boca (Remix)
  41. Something Goin On
  42. Will I (Extendex Mix)
  43. Push The Feeling On
  44. Professional Widow
  45. Everytime You Need Me ( Featuring Maria Rubia)
  46. Fly On The Wings Of Love 2011


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