BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award
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BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award

BAFTA Fellowship
Awarded forIn recognition of outstanding achievement in the art forms of the moving image
CountryUnited Kingdom
Presented byBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
First awarded1971

The BAFTA Fellowship, or the Academy Fellowship, is a lifetime achievement award presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in recognition of "outstanding achievement in the art forms of the moving image".[1] The award is the highest honour the Academy can bestow, and has been awarded annually since 1971.[2][3] Fellowship recipients have mainly been film directors, but some have been awarded to actors, film and television producers, cinematographers, film editors, screenwriters and (since 2007) to contributors to the video game industry. People from the United Kingdom dominate the list, but it includes over a dozen U.S. citizens and several from other countries in Europe, though none of the latter have been recognized since 1996. In 2010, Shigeru Miyamoto became the first citizen of an Asian country to receive the award.

The inaugural recipient of the award was the filmmaker and producer Alfred Hitchcock. The award has been made posthumously to the comedy pair Morecambe and Wise, in 1999, and to Stanley Kubrick, who died that year and was made a fellow in 2000.[4][5]

Fellowship awards

Year Country of citizenship Fellow Contribution Notes Ref(s)
1971  United Kingdom Alfred Hitchcock in 1956 Alfred Hitchcock Film Filmmaker and producer [6]
1972  United Kingdom
Freddie Young Film Cinematographer [7]
1973  United Kingdom
Grace Wyndham Goldie Television Producer [7]
1974  United Kingdom
David Lean Film Filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and editor [8]
1975  France Jacques-Yves Cousteau in 1976 Jacques Cousteau Film Naval officer, explorer, ecologist and filmmaker [7]
1976  United Kingdom Charlie Chaplin, wearing a bowler hat Charlie Chaplin Film Filmmaker, actor, writer, director, producer, composer and editor [6]
 United Kingdom Laurence Olivier, facing to the right Laurence Olivier Film Actor, director and producer [6]
1977  United Kingdom
Denis Forman Television Director and then Chair of the British Film Institute and Granada Television [7]
1978  United States Fred Zinnemann in the 1940s Fred Zinnemann Film Film director [7]
1979  United Kingdom
Lew Grade Television Media proprietor [9]
 United Kingdom Huw Wheldon in 1980 Huw Wheldon Television Broadcaster and executive [7]
1980  United Kingdom David Attenborough in 2015 David Attenborough Television Broadcaster and naturalist [10]
 United States John Huston in Chinatown (1974) John Huston Film Actor, filmmaker and screenwriter [7]
1981  France Abel Gance by the Studio Harcourt Abel Gance Film Film director and producer [7]
 United Kingdom
Michael Powell Film Film director and member of Powell and Pressburger [11]
 United Kingdom
Emeric Pressburger Film Screenwriter, film director, producer and member of Powell and Pressburger [11]
1982  Poland Andrzej Wajda, Warsaw (Poland), April 2008 Andrzej Wajda Film Film director [7]
1983  United Kingdom Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough Film Actor, film director and producer [12]
1984  United Kingdom
Hugh Greene Television Journalist and television executive [7]
Sam Spiegel Film Film producer [7]
1985  United Kingdom
Jeremy Isaacs Television Television producer and executive [7]
1986  United States Spielberg in 1999 Steven Spielberg Film Director, screenwriter and film producer [6]
1987  Italy Federico Fellini Federico Fellini Film Director [8]
1988  Sweden Ingmar Bergman examining a negative Ingmar Bergman Film Director, writer and producer [8]
1989  United Kingdom Alec Guinness in 1973 Alec Guinness Film Actor [7]
1990  United Kingdom
Paul Fox Television Television executive [7]
1991  France
Louis Malle Film Director [7]
1992  United Kingdom John Gielgud John Gielgud Film Actor [13]
 United Kingdom
David Plowright Television Executive and producer [14]
1993  United Kingdom
Sydney Samuelson Film First British Film Commissioner [15]
 United States
Colin Young Film First director of the National Film and Television School [7][16]
1994  United Kingdom Official portrait of Michael Grade Michael Grade Television Broadcast executive [7]
1995  United States Billy Wilder (right) with Gloria Swanson, circa 1950 Billy Wilder Film Journalist, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer [8]
1996  France Jeanne Moreau in front of a red background, waving Jeanne Moreau Film Actress, screenwriter, director. [17]
 United Kingdom Neame and Judy Garland on the set of I Could Go On Singing Ronald Neame Film Cinematographer, producer, screenwriter and director [7]
 United Kingdom
John Schlesinger Film Film and stage director [7]
 United Kingdom Maggie Smith Maggie Smith Television Film, stage and television actress [7]
1997  United States Woody Allen Woody Allen Film Director, screenwriter, actor and playwright [8]
 United States Steven Bochco and wife Barbara Bosson on the red carpet at the Emmys in 1994 Steven Bochco Television Producer and writer [7]
 United Kingdom Julie Christie at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in 1997 Julie Christie Film Actress [7]
 United States
Oswald Morris Film Cinematographer [7]
 United Kingdom
Harold Pinter Film Playwright, screenwriter, actor and director [18]
 United States David Rose (third left) at the AFRS Radio Show David Rose Television Songwriter, composer and arranger [7]
1998  United Kingdom Sean Connery, 1999 Sean Connery Film Actor [19]
 United Kingdom
Bill Cotton Television Producer and executive [20]
1999  United Kingdom
Eric Morecambe Television Television and stage actor, and member of Morecambe and Wise [21]
 United Kingdom
Ernie Wise Television Television and stage actor, and member of Morecambe and Wise [21]
 United Kingdom Taylor photographed for Argentinean Magazine in 1947 Elizabeth Taylor Film Actress [6]
2000  United Kingdom Michael Caine Michael Caine Film Actor [4]
 United States Self-taken photograph of Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick Film Filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and photographer [4]
 United Kingdom Peter Bazalgette Peter Bazalgette Television Media expert [22]
2001  United Kingdom Albert Finney 1966 Albert Finney Film Actor [23]
 United Kingdom
John Thaw Television Actor [24]
 United Kingdom Judi Dench at the BAFTAs in 2007 Judi Dench Film Actress [25]
2002  United States Warren Beatty at the Academy Awards Warren Beatty Film Actor, producer, screenwriter and director [26]
Merchant Ivory Productions Film Company founded by director James Ivory and producer Ismail Merchant. First company to win the award. [27]
 United Kingdom
Andrew Davies Television Author and screenwriter [6]
 United Kingdom
John Mills Film Actor [28]
2003  United States
Saul Zaentz Film Producer [29]
 United Kingdom
David Jason Television Actor [30]
2004  United Kingdom John Boorman John Boorman Film Filmmaker [31]
 United States
Roger Graef Film Criminologist and filmmaker [32]
2005  United Kingdom Barry in concert.jpg John Barry Film Composer [33]
 United Kingdom David Frost David Frost Television Writer, journalist and presenter [6]
2006  United Kingdom David Puttnam David Puttnam Film Producer [34]
 United Kingdom Ken Loach Ken Loach Television Film and television director [35]
2007  United Kingdom
Anne V. Coates Film Film editor [36]
 United Kingdom Richard Curtis Richard Curtis Film Screenwriter, music producer, actor and film director [6]
 United States Will Wright speaking at South by Southwest Will Wright Games Designer and co-founder of the game development company Maxis [37]
2008  United Kingdom Hopkins at the Tuscan Sun Festival, Cortona, 2009 Anthony Hopkins Film Film, stage and television actor [6]
 United Kingdom Bruce Forsyth in a tuxedo Bruce Forsyth Television Entertainer [38]
2009  United Kingdom Dawn French Dawn French Television Actress, writer, comedian, member of French & Saunders [6]
 United Kingdom Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders Television Actress, screenwriter, comedian, member of French & Saunders [6]
 United Kingdom Gilliam at the 36th Deauville American Films Festival Terry Gilliam Film Writer, filmmaker, animator and member of Monty Python [39]
 United States Nolan Bushnell speaking in a coffee shop Nolan Bushnell Games Engineer, founder of Atari Inc. [40]
2010  United Kingdom At the "Stars In The Alley" concert in Shubert Alley in New York City on 6 June 2007 Vanessa Redgrave Film Actress [41]
 Japan Shigeru Miyamoto at the GDC 2007 Shigeru Miyamoto Games Game designer at Nintendo, most notable for the Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series [42]
 United Kingdom Melvyn Bragg speaking at the LSE. Melvyn Bragg Television Author and broadcaster [43]
2011  United Kingdom Lee in 2009 Christopher Lee Film Actor and musician [1][44]
 United Kingdom Peter-molyneux-at-university-of-southampton.jpg Peter Molyneux Games Designer [45]
 United Kingdom
Trevor McDonald Television Newsreader and presenter [46]
2012  United States Scorsese in 2007 Martin Scorsese Film Film director and producer [47]
 Australia Harris in 2010 Rolf Harris Television Artist, musician and television presenter

(Harris's Fellowship was annulled on 30 June 2014 following his criminal conviction)

2013  United Kingdom Parker in London in 2012 Alan Parker Film Director and screenwriter [49]
 United States Gabe Newell at Game Developer Conference in 2010 Gabe Newell Games Developer and CEO of Valve Corporation [50]
 United Kingdom Palin in a suit Michael Palin Television Comedian, actor, writer, presenter and member of Monty Python [51]
2014  United Kingdom Helen Mirren Helen Mirren Film Actress [52]
 United Kingdom
 United States
Rockstar Games Rockstar Games Games Developer and publisher, most notable for the Grand Theft Auto series
(accepted by Dan Houser, Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut)
 United Kingdom alt-Julie Walters Julie Walters Television Actress [54]
2015  United Kingdom alt-Mike Leigh Mike Leigh Film Writer and director [55]
 United Kingdom David Braben David Braben Games Programmer and designer, CEO of Frontier Developments [56]
 United Kingdom Jon Snow Jon Snow Television Journalist and presenter [57]
2016  United States
Sidney Poitier Sidney Poitier Film Actor and director [58]
 United States John Carmack John Carmack Games Programmer, virtual reality engineer, co-founder of id Software [59]
 United Kingdom
Ray Galton Television Comedy writer [60]
 United Kingdom
Alan Simpson [60]
2017  United States Mel Brooks Mel Brooks Film Actor, comedian and filmmaker [61]
 United Kingdom Joanna Lumley Joanna Lumley Television Actress [62]
2018  United Kingdom Ridley Scott Ridley Scott Film Director and producer [63]
 United States Tim Schafer Tim Schafer Games Game designer, founder of Double Fine Productions [64]
 United Kingdom Kate Adie Kate Adie Television Journalist [65]
2019  United States Thelma Schoonmaker Thelma Schoonmaker Film Film editor [66]
 United Kingdom Joan Bakewell Joan Bakewell Television Journalist and broadcaster [67]


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