Bassoon Repertoire
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Bassoon Repertoire

The Bassoon repertoire consists of pieces of music composed for bassoon as a principal instrument that may be performed with or without other instruments.


A collection of historical bassoons, from early baroque to modern, including a classical contrabassoon.


  • Johann Christian Bach:
    • Bassoon Concerto in B
    • Bassoon Concerto in E major
  • Franz Danzi:
    • Bassoon Concerto in G minor,
    • Bassoon Concerto in C
    • 2 Bassoon Concerto in F major
    • 3 Quartets for Bassoon and Strings, Op. 40
  • François Devienne:
    • 12 Sonatas (six with opus numbers)
    • 3 Quartets
    • Bassoon Concerto
    • 6 Duos Concertants
  • Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Grand Concerto for Bassoon (in F)
  • Leopold Kozeluch:
    • Bassoon Concerto in B major (P V:B1)
    • Bassoon Concerto in C major (P V:C1)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B, K. 191, the only surviving of the original three bassoon concertos he wrote
  • Antonio Rosetti:
    • Bassoon Concertos in F major (Murray C75)
    • Bassoon Concertos in B major (Murray C69, C73, C74)
    • Bassoon Concerto in E major (Murray C68)[1]
  • Carl Stamitz: Bassoon Concerto in F major
  • Johann Baptist Wanhal:
    • Bassoon Concerto in C major
    • Concerto in F major for two bassoons and orchestra


Twentieth century

  • Miguel del Aguila:
    • Hexen for bassoon and string orchestra
    • Hexen for bassoon and piano
  • Luciano Berio: Sequenza XII for solo bassoon (1995)
  • Pierre Boulez: Dialogue de l'ombre double for bassoon and electronics (originally for clarinet, transcribed for bassoon by the composer - 1995)
  • Howard J. Buss: A Day in the City for solo bassoon (1986)
    • Time Capsule for oboe and bassoon (1996)
    • Desert Odyssey for clarinet, bassoon and piano (1997)
  • Peter Maxwell Davies: Strathclyde Concerto no.8 for bassoon and orchestra
  • Edison Denisov
    • Cinq Etudes for bassoon (1983)
    • Sonata for solo bassoon (1982)
  • Franco Donatoni: Concerto for bassoon (1952)
  • Henri Dutilleux:
    • Sarabande et Cortège for bassoon and piano (1942)
    • Regards sur l'Infini and Deux sonnets de Jean Cassou for bassoon and piano (originally for voice and piano, transcribed by Pascal Gallois with the composer's approval) (1942/2011 and 1954/2011)
  • Alvin Etler: Sonata for bassoon and piano (1951)
  • Jean Françaix:
    • Quadruple Concerto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and orchestra (1935)
    • Divertissement for bassoon and string quintet (or orchestra) (1942)
    • Le coq et le renard (The Rooster and the Fox) for 4 bassoons (1963)
    • Sept impromptus for flute and bassoon (1977)
    • Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano (1994)
    • Two pieces for bassoon and piano (1996)
  • Glenn Gould: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1950)
  • Sofia Gubaidulina:
    • Concerto for bassoon and low strings (1975)
    • Duo sonata for two bassoons (1977)
  • Paul Hindemith:
    • Sonata for bassoon and piano (1938)
    • Four pieces for cello and bassoon (1941)
    • Concerto for trumpet, bassoon and orchestra (1949)
    • Concerto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, harp and orchestra (1949)
  • Bertold Hummel:
    • Concertino for bassoon and strings, Op. 27b (1964/1992)
    • 5 Epigrams for bassoon solo Op. 51 (1973)
    • Divertimento for bassoon and violoncello, Op. 62 (1978)
  • Gordon Jacob:
    • Concerto for bassoon, strings and percussion
    • Four Sketches for bassoon
    • Partita for bassoon
  • Paul Jeanjean: Prelude and Scherzo for bassoon and piano (1911)
  • André Jolivet:
  • Lev Knipper: Concerto for bassoon and strings (1969)
  • Charles Koechlin:
    • Three pieces for bassoon and piano, Op. 18 (1899-1907)
    • Sonata for bassoon and piano, Op.71 (1918)
    • Silhouettes de comédie, 12 pieces for bassoon and orchestra, Op. 193 (1942-1943)
  • György Kurtág: Játékok és üzenetek for solo bassoon (1986-2001)
  • Mary Jane Leach: Feu de Joie for solo bassoon and six taped bassoons (1992)
  • Anne LeBaron: After a Dammit to Hell for bassoon solo (1982)
  • Jef Maes: Burlesque for bassoon and piano (1957)
  • Francisco Mignone:
    • Double Bassoon Sonata
    • 16 valses for bassoon
    • Concertino for bassoon and orchestra (1957)
  • Willson Osborne: Rhapsody for bassoon
  • Andrzej Panufnik: Concerto for bassoon and small orchestra (1985)
  • Sergei Prokofiev: Humoristic Scherzo for four bassoons, Op. 12b (1915)
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara: Bassoon Sonata (1970)
  • Alan Ridout: Concertino for bassoon and strings (1975)
  • Timothy Salter:
    • Monopolies for solo bassoon (1995)
    • Imprints for bassoon and piano (1997)
  • Richard Strauss: Duet Concertino for clarinet and bassoon with strings and harp (1948)
  • Stjepan ?ulek: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra
  • Alexandre Tansman:
    • Sonatine for bassoon and piano
    • Suite for bassoon and piano
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos: Ciranda das sete notas for bassoon and string orchestra (1933)
  • John Williams: The Five Sacred Trees: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1995)
  • Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari: Suite-concertino for bassoon and chamber orchestra (1933)
  • Isang Yun: Monolog for bassoon solo (1983-1984)
  • Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (1992)

Twenty-first century

  • Howard J. Buss: Ballad for bassoon and piano (2004) ; Behind the Invisible Mask for bassoon and one percussion (2004); Concerto for Bassoon for bassoon and piano, 2017; Fables from Aesop for bassoon and violin (2002); Four Miniatures for two bassoons (2010); Aquarius for 3 bassoons (2013); Levi's Dream for bassoon quartet (2011); Prelude and Intrada for bassoon quartet or ensemble (2007); Contrasts in Blue for oboe, bassoon and piano (2000); Cosmic Portraits for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (2009); Emanations for two bassoons and drum set, 2016; The Enchanted Garden for bassoon and string trio, 2016; The Heavens Awaken for bassoon and string quartet (2008); Luminous Horizons for bassoon and harp, 2016; Trio Lyrique for horn, bassoon and piano (2013); Turbulent Times for flute, bassoon and piano; Village Scenes for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (2004).
  • Miguel del Aguila:Sunset Song for bassoon and piano; Nostalgica for bassoon and string quartet; Malambo for bassoon and string quartet (also with quintet and string orchestra); Malambo for bassoon and piano; Tango Trio for bassoon clarinet and piano; or bassoon, oboe and piano
  • Eric Ewazen: Concerto for Bassoon and Wind Ensemble (2002)
  • Robert Paterson: Sonata for Bassoon and Piano[2] (2001); Elegy for Two Bassoons and Piano[3] (2006-07)
  • Wolfgang Rihm: Psalmus for bassoon and orchestra (2007)
  • Ananda Sukarlan: "Communication Breakdown" for flute, bassoon and piano (2017)
  • Graham Waterhouse: Basson Quintet (2003); Bright Angel for three bassoons and contrabassoon (2008)
  • Robert Rønnes: 5 Sonatas for Bassoon and Piano (1994-2009)
  • Patrick Nunn: Gonk for Bassoon and Sound File (2004)

Works featuring prominent bassoon passages

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