Battle of Iskhabad
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Battle of Iskhabad
Battle of Iskhabad
Part of the Samanid-Ziyarid Wars
Iran circa 1000AD.png
Persia in the mid-10th century
Date25 December 940
Iskhabad, near Ray
Result Samanid victory
Samanids Ziyarid dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Abu 'Ali Chaghani Vushmgir
Makan ibn Kaki  
Casualties and losses
Low Heavy

The Battle of Iskhabad (Persian: ? ?‎), was a major engagement fought in 940 at Iskhabad, near Ray, between the Samanids, led by Abu 'Ali Chaghani, and the combined forces of the Ziyarids and Firuzanids under the emir Vushmgir and Makan ibn Kaki. During the first phase of the battle, Vushmgir fled from the battlefield, leaving Makan behind. Many of Makan's elite units were shortly killed, while he himself was shot in the head by an arrow, and then beheaded by the victorious Samanid soldiers, who sent his head, along with many captured high-ranking Daylamite officers, to the Samanid court in Bukhara.


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