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Bellum Entertainment Group
Bellum Entertainment
private Limited liability company
Areas served
Key people
Founder - Mary Carole McDonnell[1]
Productstelevision production and distribution
Number of employees
11-50 (2013[2])

Bellum Entertainment Group (formerly LongNeedle Entertainment) is a Burbank, California-based television production and distribution company.

Bellum develops, produces, and distributes TV projects for broadcast, cable, digital, and ancillary markets. Bellum Entertainment began creating E/I programs in 2004 with the release of Animal Atlas. In 2012, Bellum entered into a deal with Tribune Broadcasting to license a two hour E/I program block and two-weekend series, Unsealed Alien Files and Unsealed Conspiracy Files. Bellum currently produces television programs for broadcast platforms in domestic and international markets.

Main productions at company's closing

  • Animal Atlas is produced by Longneedle Entertainment, LLC, a subsidiary of Bellum Entertainment Group. Animal Atlas is an educational wildlife show that "takes children on a tour of discovery, uncovering the secrets of how animals live and thrive. Young viewers meet animals from the familiar to the astounding, and the domesticated to the wild, including the diverse creatures of the African savanna, the finned and flippered of the big deep, and the colorful cast of the equatorial rainforest".[1] Atlas began in 2004 for its first season in national syndication and currently airing in the twelfth season. Animal Atlas is internationally distributed by Cisneros Media Distribution.
  • Coolest Places On Earth is a broadcast syndicated program airing in the United States from 2013-2017. The Coolest Places on Earth features cities, festivals, landmarks and natural wonders showcasing each location's history and culture. The program is distributed internationally by Electus.
  • Corrupt Crimes premiered on September 6, 2015 in national broadcast syndication. Bellum partnered with the Sinclair Broadcast Group to launch Corrupt Crimes domestically on Sinclair stations.[3] The series investigates one or more recent crime stories, with expert analysis and dramatic storytelling. Cases include doping in sports, crimes of passion, wiretapping, espionage, treason, insider trading, government corruption, the black market, piracy, murder, blackmail, conspiracies, and more. Corrupt Crimes launched season two nationally syndicated covering over 86% of the US television market[4] on September 2, 2016. International distribution is managed by Sky Vision, the international division of SKY in the United Kingdom.[5]
  • Deep Undercover premiered in the United States on October 5, 2016, on Escape. The series is a co-production with Televisa[6] and is distributed in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland by ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF).[7]Deep Undercover is a true crimes series from writer and producer Joseph D. Pistone, the real Donnie Brasco. Each episode tells the story of a different undercover operation from the POV of the undercover officers involved.[8] Cases include all types of organized crime, from the mafia and biker gangs, to international smugglers, cartels, treason, political corruption, white-collar crime, and murder cases.
  • Murderous Affairs premiered on October 5, 2016 in the United States on the Escape (TV network). The fifty-two episode series explores love affairs gone wrong and spouses driven to kill; stories that give a whole new meaning to the vow, "till death do us part."[9]Murderous Affairs is distributed internationally by IM Global.[10]
  • On The Spot is a weekly syndicated trivia show that asks entertaining questions from different categories including people, sports, music, health, food, technology, history, science, arts and entertainment, and culture. The show first aired nationally on September 25, 2011.
  • Zoo Clues is a 30-minute E/I program that tackles the animal kingdom's most mind-blowing questions, like these: Can birds fly backwards? Are whales fish? Do dogs sweat? Questions and clues are presented, giving viewers a chance to guess the right answers.

Previously produced shows

Unsealed: Alien Files is a 30-minute program that investigates recently released government documents regarding alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public in 2011 by the Freedom of Information Act. Based on the information, Unsealed Alien Files re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads to investigate mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups, and breaking alien news from around the world.

Unsealed: Conspiracy Files investigates the previously top-secret files made public by the Freedom of Information Act. The show re-examines faulty assumptions, searches for inconsistencies, and explores new leads, questioning popular beliefs and arming viewers with information to make their own decisions.

  • State to State was a broadcast syndicated program set to release for the 2014-2015 season. "State to State", travels to every entertaining nook and cranny of America. The hectic dazzle of the Big Apple. The rawhide spirit of Wyoming. The revival of St. Louis. The innovation of Silicon Valley. The music of New Orleans and Austin. The Vegas Glitz. The La Glamour. The highest peaks. The driest deserts. The biggest events. And the hidden gems.
  • Safari Tracks is a 30-minute educational wildlife show focusing on African wildlife, comprising 52 episodes and produced in standard definition. Hosted by Benjamin Brown (who previously starred as the title character on the Disney Channel's wildlife documentary series Omba Mokomba) as the South African zoological protector and expert "Ushaka", this television program takes viewers on an African safari each episode- focusing on African wildlife and the magnificent and mysterious world of these animals, all in their natural habitat. It aired on Bounce TV, Antenna TV, Qubo, Smile of A Child TV, and international markets.
  • Wildlife Jams is a half-hour E/I television program focusing on how animals behave and promote awareness and responsibility toward wildlife issues. The 26-episode series takes viewers on an exciting journey through the animal kingdom to discover how animals behave and thrive in their native habitats, all to the soundtrack of critically acclaimed jazz musicians.
  • Family Style with Chef Jeff was a nationally syndicated show in the US for the 2013-2014 season. Family Style features Chef Jeff Henderson who demonstrates how good choices in the kitchen can lead to a life-changing experience for the whole family. Chef Jeff Henderson is an award-winning chef, best-selling author, and prominent public speaker. Family Style with Chef Jeff currently airs on Bounce TV and international markets.
  • Now Eat This with Rocco DiSpirito was a nationally syndicated program that debuted on September 15, 2012, starring celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. Each episode focuses on an individual or family's food issues and health. Rocco explains how people can eat what they love but still be healthier by cutting out processed ingredients, bad fats, and empty calories. Rocco arms his guests with the recipes, ingredients and cooking skills necessary to maximize the value and flavor of their favorite meals. The program shares its title with Rocco's best-selling cookbook series and New York-based food truck.
  • America Now: Bellum Entertainment partnered with ITV Studios and Raycom Media to produce and distribute America Now, a news and lifestyle syndicated strip hosted by Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic. America Now was broadcast across the United States from 2010-2014 on stations owned by Raycom Media and was airing via syndication in other markets around the country.
  • "Fix It and Finish It" was a nationally syndicated program that debuted on September 7, 2014, starring model and soap star Antonio Sabato, Jr.. Sabato, Jr. travels across America transforming lives, one space at a time. At each city, Fix It and Finish It partners with local designers and contractors to renovate a bedroom, family room, kitchen, or outdoor space. Homeowners who are in desperate need of renovation help tell us why they need a specific area in their home makeover.

"Flip My Food with Chef Jeff" was a nationally syndicated program that debuted on September 7, 2014, starring Chef Jeff Henderson. Chef Jeff traveled across the country to flip classic recipes into a healthier dish. In each ½ hour episode Chef Jeff met up with newsmakers, celebrities, and everyday people to "flip" their favorite dishes into dining experiences that taste better, have fewer calories and are fun to cook. This daily series gives viewers the ultimate takeaway, they'll be able to enjoy their favorite foods more often and feel good about it in the process.


Bellum Entertainment distributes six first-run syndicated series to local broadcast television stations, as well as to pay, cable, broadcast networks, and subscription video-on-demand platforms in the United States. Bellum Entertainment's current catalog contains thirty-nine titles and 2,067 episodes. Bellum partners with international distributors including Electus, Red Arrow, IM Global, Cisneros Media Distribution, and Cineflix to distribute programs to territories worldwide.

Home entertainment

In September 2008, LongNeedle partnered with home entertainment distributor NCircle Entertainment to distribute their programming to home media, including traditional disc media and streaming services such as Prime Video.

Unresolved financial issues

In 2017, Bellum began to be investigated by the United States Department of Labor for misclassifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Robert Lindsey, a DOL investigator, also stated that Bellum is being investigated for missed and-or- late payrolls.[11] Bellum has had wage claims filed against them by over fifty workers as of Aug of 2017. Many of the cases are currently pending, and possible criminal charges are being considered by the state. Several employees who have won small claims suits over wage theft remain unpaid. Bellum also owes numerous companies unpaid money and as a result has been blacklisted from various distributors from consideration of production deals. It owes one company, Launchpad Entertainment, LLC over $275,000 in unpaid footage license fees that it used in programs.[12]

A legal notice published in the July 19, 2019 issue of The Hollywood Reporter indicates Bellum's library assets will be publicly auctioned by The Credit Junction (acting as the secured party) beginning July 22, 2019, before the actual auction occurs on August 15 at the office of a Santa Monica attorney. The auction would have been called off if Bellum secured their library for a payment of $10 million; it is unknown if they were able to do so.[13]


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