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NameProto-GermanicOld EnglishOld Norse
ShapeElder FutharkFuthorcYounger Futhark
Runic letter berkanan.svgRunic letter berkanan.svgB rune short-twig.svg
IPA[?][b][b], [p]
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Berkanan is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the b rune ?, meaning "birch". In the Younger Futhark it is called Bjarkan in the Icelandic and Norwegian rune poems. In the Anglo-Saxon rune poem it is called beorc ("birch" or "poplar"). The corresponding Gothic letter is ? b, named bairkan.

The letter shape is likely directly based on Old Italic B ?, whence comes also the Latin letter B.

The rune is recorded in all three rune poems:

Rune Poem:[1] English Translation:

Old Norwegian
Bjarkan er laufgrønstr líma;
Loki bar flærða tíma.

Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub;
Loki was fortunate in his deceit.

Old Icelandic
Bjarkan er laufgat lim
ok lítit tré
ok ungsamligr viðr.

Birch is a leafy twig
and little tree
and fresh young shrub.

Beorc byþ bleda leas, bereþ efne s?a ðeah
tanas butan tudder, biþ on telgum ?litig,
heah on helme hrysted fægere,
geloden leafum, lyfte getenge.

The poplar bears no fruit;
yet without seed it brings forth suckers,
for it is generated from its leaves.
Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned
its lofty crown which reaches to the skies.

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