Bernardino Cirillo
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Bernardino Cirillo

Bernardino Cirillo Franco (May 20, 1500 - June 19, 1575), also called Bernardino Cirillo and Cyrilo Franco, was a Roman Catholic bishop of Loreto, Italy.[1]

He was born in the city of L'Aquila, Italy on May 20, 1500. His father was Pietro Sante de' Cirilli and his mother was Gemma Bucci.[2]

He participated in the Council of Trent and was interested in improving Church music. He published litanies to the Virgin Mary.[1][3] Cirillo advocated a return to the simplicity and harmony of the earlier forms of Church music rather than elaborate forms of organ music.[4]

Cirillo attacked "modern" church music in a 1549 letter to Ugolino Gualteruzzi.[1][5] In 1649, King John IV of Portugal wrote a treatise entitled Defense of modern music against the mistaken opinion of Bishop Cyrilo Franco [i.e., Bernardino Cirillo],[6] presenting a point-by-point rebuttal of Cirillo's letter.[7]

He died in Rome on June 19, 1575.[2]


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