Binder Parameter
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Binder Parameter

The Binder parameter or Binder cumulant[1][2] in statistical physics, also known as the fourth-order cumulant is defined as the kurtosis of the order parameter, s introduced by Austrian Theoretical Physicist Kurt Binder. It is frequently used to determine accurately phase transition points in numerical simulations of various models. [3]

The phase transition point is usually identified comparing the behavior of as a function of the temperature for different values of the system size . The transition temperature is the unique point where the different curves cross in the thermodynamic limit. This behavior is based on the fact that in the critical region, , the Binder parameter behaves as , where .

Accordingly, the cumulant may also be used to identify the universality class of the transition by determining the value of the critical exponent of the correlation length. [1]

In the thermodynamic limit, at the critical point, the value of the Binder parameter depends on boundary conditions, the shape of the system, and anisotropy of correlations. [1][4][5][6]


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