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Blitz (band)
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Blitz Band

Blitz, German for "lightning", may refer to:

In warfare

  • Blitzkrieg, a rapid attack by combined forces, used by Germany in the Second World War
  • The Blitz, the German aerial campaign against Britain in the Second World War



  • Blitz BASIC, a dialect of the BASIC programming language
  • BlitzMail, the internal e-mail network at Dartmouth College
  • Blitz++, a C++ class library for scientific computing
  • Blitz (software), a cloud-based load-and performance-testing service (SaaS)

Video games


American football

Other sports


Toys and games




See also

  • Bristol Blitz, the German bombing raids on Bristol, England in 1940 and 1941
  • Hull Blitz, the German Second World War bombing campaign targeting Kingston upon Hull
  • Rotterdam Blitz, the German bombing raid on Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1940
  • Blitzkrieg ("lightning war"), a military strategy developed by Nazi Germany
  • Blitzy, a fictional dog character from Mona the Vampire

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