Bones (rapper)
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Bones Rapper
Elmo Kennedy O'Connor
  • Th@ Kid
  • Ricky a Go Go
Born (1994-01-11) January 11, 1994 (age 25)
Muir Beach, California, U.S.
OriginHowell, Michigan, U.S.
Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Elmo Kennedy O'Connor (born January 11, 1994), known professionally as Bones (often stylized as BONES), is an American rapper from Howell, Michigan. He is also the founder of the music collective TeamSESH.

O'Connor is widely regarded as one of the most influential artists in the internet's underground hip-hop scene.[3] Since 2010, O'Connor has released a extensive discography and developed a large fan base. As of 2019, O'Connor has released over 60 musical projects.

Early life

Elmo Kennedy O'Connor was born in Marin County, California,[4] to a mother who designed clothing and a father who was a web designer. His maternal grandfather was actor Robert Culp.[5] His family lived in Muir Beach, California, before moving to New York City. When O'Connor was seven years old, his family moved to Howell, Michigan.[6] O'Connor also lived in Minnesota for two years when he was thirteen. Around this time he met fellow artists Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker online. The four artists would later come together to form the collective Seshollowaterboyz.[7]

When he was 16, he dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles, where his brother, Elliott, had already been living.[8] Despite moving away from his parents at a young age, O'Connor speaks positively of them, stating, "If I tried to write a book about, 'oh, what would be dream parents?', I couldn't even make anything better than them. All they do is shower me in love. Unconditional love, forever."[9] O'Connor describes Howell as a "mundane" place where its residents are "born and they die there".[9][7]

Musical career

O'Connor originally started releasing music in 2010 at age 16 under the name Th@ Kid. After moving to Los Angeles, O'Connor was able to connect with other artists he met online including Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker, who at the time were members of the now semi-disbanded Raider Klan.[7] He later officially changed his stage name to Bones in late 2012.

O'Connor's first album as Bones was released on July 4, 2012 titled Bones, eventually releasing twelve more albums[10] before gaining mainstream major recognition for his album TeenWitch which gained controversy for its theme based around the Columbine High School Massacre.[11][12][13] The album following TeenWitch, titled Garbage was released on June 9, 2014 and caught the attention of Complex Magazine[14] and The Fader[15] who labelled the project as "massive" and "boundary-pushing."[16]

O'Connor uploaded several albums in 2015[17][18][19][20] and headlined his first sold out show at House of Blues on March 4, 2015[21][22] before opening for electronic artist Shlohmo at The Fonda Theatre.[23] O'Connor was later featured on ASAP Rocky's "Canal St." which was a remix of O'Connor's song "Dirt." The song later became O'Connor's first feature on the Billboard charts.[24][25] Bones performed "Canal St." with ASAP Rocky on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, but was cut from the TV broadcast due to him refusing to censor some of the song's lyrics while performing. Videos of the performance were made available online.[26][27]

O'Connor has released 10 albums between 2015 and 2017[10] and on January 19, 2018, O'Connor performed in KOKO, London, thus starting his first ever European tour, called the Deadboy Tour. It took him to countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Italy.

O'Connor is one of the four members in the collective Seshollowaterboyz, which consists of himself, and former Raider Klan members Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, and Eddy Baker, whom he often performs and collaborates with.[28][29] He has also released music with fellow TeamSesh members, possibly most notably with producer Greaf, who, with O'Connor, form musical projects surrenderdorothy and OREGONTRAIL.

Major label interest

O'Connor and his manager Elliott O'Connor (his brother) have both stated that major labels have shown interest in signing him. According to Max Bell of LA Weekly, "interested labels wanted him to be their 'white rapper,' an artist along the lines of Mac Miller and Machine Gun Kelly. But O'Connor wasn't interested in being remade."[8]

Musical style and Influences

Although O'Connor is often considered to be one of the pioneers of the emo rap sub-genre, O'Connor often says that he has no specific genre, though has been characterized as cloud rap, experimental hip-hop and "shadow rap".[30][31][29] O'Connor's earlier music is a lot more futuristic (and is often compared to SpaceGhostPurpp's[32]) than his current music, which showcases production and vocal styles ranging from rapping, singing, and screaming.[3] O'Connors singing has been compared to grunge and emo. While his rapping has been compared sub-genres such as horrorcore and emo rap.[33] He is also considered an early pioneer of trap metal.[2]

O'Connor rarely talks about his musical influences, Although during interviews he has mentioned Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, Bootsy Collins, Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell as influences.[30]

Over the years of his music career, O'Connor has developed a large fanbase where he helped underground hip hop develop into new styles and has been noted as "one of the most influential underground artists of the internet age".[9]

Personal life

O'Connor resides in Glendale, California with his fiancé Samantha, whom he met at Disneyland.[30]




  • WhiteRapper
  • TypicalRapShit
  • Bones
  • 1MillionBlunts


  • LivingLegend
  • PaidProgramming


  • Garbage
  • Skinny
  • Rotten
  • DeadBoy
  • TeenWitch


  • SoThereWeStood
  • Powder
  • YouShouldHaveSeenYourFace
  • Banshee
  • Frayed
  • HermitOfEastGrandRiver


  • Useless
  • PaidProgramming2
  • GoodForNothing
  • SoftwareUpdate1.0


  • Disgrace
  • NoRedeemingQualities
  • NetworkUnknown


  • LivingSucks
  • TheManInTheRadiator

As Th@ Kid


  • Bored of Education
  • Cousin Eddie
  • Stifler


  • ADayAtTheGetty
  • AttaBoy
  • Holy Smokes
  • Howell
  • Midnight 12 AM
  • R A T B O Y
  • RatLyfe
  • Strictly For The RATZ
  • dreamcatcher
  • The Good Ratz
  • Stay Golden


  • Youngdumbfuck

As surrenderdorothy


  • weneveraskedforthis
  • nobodywantsme
  • itstheleastwecando


  • itsthethoughtthatcounts
  • itsdifferentnow


  • breathingexercise



  • Grandmilly & Bones - BLVCKNWHITE


  • EthelWulf & Bones - (LAME)
  • Bones & Na$ty Matt - UndergroundGods
  • Xavier Wulf & Bones - Caves


  • Chris Travis & Bones - SeaBeds


  • Bones & Dylan Ross - SongsThatRemindYouOfHome
  • Bones & Drip-133 - HateToBreakItToYou


  • drew the architect, Bones & Cat Soup - slán


  • Bones & Cat Soup - Augmented
  • Bones & Curtis Heron - PermanentFrown


  • Eddy Baker & Bones - SparrowsCreek
  • Bones & Xavier Wulf - Kraters Atlas (TBA)


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