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GenresPunk rock
Pop Noise
Noise Annoys

Bulbulators is a Polish punk rock band playing since 1989




  • Dziobaty - vocals (1989-1993)
  • Landryn (AKA Nynek) - drums (1989-1993, 2003-2004)
  • Biker - vocals (1993)
  • Ada? - drums (1993, 1999-2003)
  • ?ikend - drums (1998)
  • Tic Tac - bass guitar (1989-1999)
  • Sensitive Rat (F.K.A. Szpajza) - drums
  • Pawe? "Gruby" Siegel - bass guitar (2001-2013)


  1. Prawdziwe ?ycie, Enigmatic, 2000 (MC release)
  2. Nie! Nie! Nie!, Pop Noise, 2002
  3. Prawdziwe ?ycie, Noise Annoys, 2004 (CD re-release)
  4. Punkophilia!, Noise Annoys, 2005
  5. Aut Punk! Aut Nihil!, Noise Annoys, 2007
  6. Deja Vu, Noise Annoys, 2009
  7. Principes Mortales Punk Aeterna, Noise Annoys, 2010


The beginnings of the band are dated 1989, yet the idea and the name are dated five years earlier. After Ramzes & The Hooligans operation had been suspended Burak, the guitarist, decided to create new Silesian punk band. Together with Gienek - Dziobaty (vocals), Wojtek - Tic-Tac (bass guitar) and Landryn (drums) they had started rehearsals.

In 1991 the first concert took place, connected with clashes with locals. Iglak, at this time bands supporter took place in this event. In this time the band played mostly covers of 77 punk classics.

In spring 1993 few changes were made in band's line up. Ada? had changed Landryn on drums and Biker had taken vocals over, but those two soon left the band and Burak and Tic-Tac stayed as the only members. Due to that fact the band suspended operation for a while. Soon after Szpajza took the position of drummer and Iglak started as a vocalist. The first concert in this line up took place in 1997 in Jastrz?bie Zdrój. The band decided to give up covers and start playing own songs with lyrics written mainly by Iglak. Another change in personnel was change of drummer for ?ikend, who had played for the whole year after he was changed once again for Ada?.

Year 2000 brought recording of the band's debut album. Out of 17 songs recorded only 14 reached the final material. Soon after the record had been recorded Tic-Tac left Poland and from now on he supported band only occasionally. On the time of his absence Darek - Zielony and Sylwek S?k exchange him. In May 2001 Pawe? - Gruby took the bass player position. The band started working on the second album. In 2002 Bulbulators gave several successful concerts supporting stars like The Exploited, Angelic Upstarts and The Business. Next year Ada? left the band going to Italy passing his position on Jacek Nynek.

Preparations to record third album started in 2003. Meanwhile the band is invited to record a song on an album Jest Dezerter - Nie ma zagro?enia. Before the concert in Slovakia in 2004 Nynek disappeared. Zyga became "emergency" drummer this time. The new drummer was Sensitive Rat, who had played in Bulbulators as Szpajza. The same year, during one of concerts Zygzak from once famous Polish band TZN Xenna appeared as a guest of Bulbulators. Later Zygzak would take part in recording several songs on the band's third album. In January 2005 the third album is ready, not only containing song performed by Zygzak but also several songs with wider instruments use (acoustic guitar, piano, trumpet).


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