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Sopranos ep204.jpg
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 4
Directed byTim Van Patten
Written byDavid Chase
Cinematography byPhil Abraham
Production code204
Original air dateFebruary 6, 2000
Running time52 minutes

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"Commendatori" is the seventeenth episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the fourth of the show's second season. It was written by David Chase and directed by Tim Van Patten, and originally aired on February 6, 2000.


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Tony goes to Naples to negotiate the smuggling of stolen American cars with a local Camorra family (distantly related to the Sopranos). His contact there is Furio Giunta, a local mobster who speaks English. Tony learns that Don Vittorio, boss of the Naples family, is senile and that his son-in-law, Mauro Zucca, is serving a life sentence. He finds it very hard to accept that Annalisa, who is Vittorio's daughter and Mauro's wife, is the effective head of the family.

Tony names his price for the cars, and also wants Furio transferred to America to work for him, and others later, as he requires. Annalisa negotiates hard, scoffs at his price, and tensions are further raised by their mutual sexual attraction. He lowers his price and they shake on it; he does not seem very pleased. Annalisa comes on to him; he tells her he wishes to keep their relationship professional.

Tony is accompanied to Naples by Paulie and Christopher. The former goes on a mission to rediscover his roots, only to uncover a distaste for Naples; the latter is doped on heroin almost all the time.

While Tony is away, Carmela, who is resentful that Tony has not taken her, has lunch with Rosalie Aprile and Angie Bonpensiero. Angie shocks them by saying that when Pussy returned she wished he had died; he is indifferent to her, even now that she has a tumor; she has thought of suicide; and she intends to divorce him. Carmela later visits her, urging her not to break the sacrament of marriage.

While with his FBI handler, Skip Lipari, Pussy runs into Jimmy Bones, a Soprano associate. The pair concoct a cover story but Pussy is afraid he does not believe it. He goes to Jimmy's home and beats him to death with a ball-peen hammer. He then goes to his own home and gives a bunch of flowers to Angie, whose tumor, she has told him, is benign. She takes the flowers, pauses, then beats him with them.

Tony returns home. Carmela is upstairs, doing housework. He calls her. She pauses, then goes to greet him.

First appearances


  • Jimmy Bones: an Elvis impersonator and Mafia associate, whom Big Pussy beat to death with a ball peen hammer, after Bones ran into Pussy talking with his FBI handler.

Title reference

The episode's title is a plural of the Italian language word commendatore, which is an honorable title in Italian society. Tony and his crew are given this greeting in Italy, which Paulie hears and then tries to use throughout the episode.

Historical reference


  • Series creator and head writer David Chase makes a cameo appearance in the episode as an Italian man, sitting at an Italian cafe with other men. When Paulie says "commendatori" to the table, Chase glances at him indifferently and then turns away.
  • Vittorio Duse, who played Zi Vittorio, also played Don Tommasino in The Godfather Part III.


  • The song "Con te partirò" by Andrea Bocelli is played three times throughout the episode.
  • When Tony is driven to Annalisa Zucca's villa the Napolitano song "Core 'ngrato" is played (without the vocals).
  • The song "Marco Polo" by Jovanotti is briefly played when Christopher is taking drugs the first time.
  • The song "Certamente" by the Italian rock band Madreblu is played when Christopher is taking drugs the second time.
  • The song played over the end credits is "Piove" by Jovanotti.

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