Council of Toul
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Council of Toul

The Council of Toul was a Frankish synod convoked by Theudebald, King of Austrasia, that convened in Toul on 1 June 550.[1] It is not known how many bishops attended. It extended to the ecclesiastical provinces of Reims and Trier and perhaps beyond.[2] The diocese of Toul was a suffragan of Trier.[3] The metropolitan bishop, Nicetius of Trier, was certainly in attendance.[4]

Theudebald apparently convoked the council because Nicetius had begun excommunicating Frankish aristocrats who contracted marriages within the prohibited degree of consanguinity. The king wished to obtain a judgement against the metropolitan and a reversal of the excommunications. [5]

The council is known from a letter of Bishop Mapinius of Reims in the Austrasian Letters collection. He had received an invitation to the council written in the king's name.[6] He had not attended and was writing to explain his absence to Nicetius. He claimed that he had not learned of the purpose of the council in time.[7]


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