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Croquet Association

Croquet Association
AffiliationWorld Croquet Federation
Affiliation date1989
LocationOld Bath Road
PresidentQuiller Barrett
ChairmanJohn Bowcott
SecretaryIan Vincent
Official website

Coordinates: 51°53?08?N 2°04?07?W / 51.88542°N 2.068622°W / 51.88542; -2.068622 The Croquet Association, which was formed as the United All England Croquet Association in 1897,[1] is the national governing body for the sport of croquet in England. Until 1974 the association was responsible for croquet in the whole of the United Kingdom. The Scottish Croquet Association, formed in 1974, now has responsibility for croquet in Scotland. At the 2013 AGM the association formally relinquished control of the game in the other parts of the United Kingdom.[2]

Presidents of the association have included Sir Compton Mackenzie, who was President from 1953 to 1966. The association controls the rules of the game, in conjunction with the croquet associations of Australia, New Zealand and the United States. It also controls the regulations of tournaments for its member clubs. The Open Championship of croquet originally dates back to 1867, but after a hiatus during the years 1883-1896 was reintroduced by the Croquet Association.[3]


The President's Cup was introduced in 1901, though at the time it was known as the Beddow Cup, named after A.E.Beddow, the trophy donater.[4] The President's Cup was an invitational rather than an open competition, and was contested between the top ten croquet players chosen by the Croquet Association.[4] The original cup became the property of Miss Dorothy Dyne Steel in 1933 after she won the competition for a record fourth time.[4] A new cup was required for the 1934 competition and one was presented by then president, Trevor Williams, the competition being known as the President's Cup from that date.[4]

Singles competitions

Year Croquet Championship Women's Championship Men's Championship President's Cup
1867 Walter Whitmore
1868 Walter H. Peel
1869 George Curling Joad Mrs GC Joad
1870 Walter H. Peel Miss Walter
1871 Walter H. Peel Mrs JH Walsh
1872 C. Black Mrs JH Walsh
1873 James Heath Mrs JH Walsh
1874 James Heath Miss FH Williamson
1875 Reginald Gray Mrs Hallows
1876 Colonel Busk Miss K. Philbrick
1877 B. Carter Evelegh Miss K. Philbrick
1878 A. H. Spong Miss E Walsh
1879 B. Carter Evelegh Miss E Walsh
1880 A. H. Spong Miss E Walsh
1881 A. H. Spong Miss K. Philbrick
1882 A. H. Spong Miss K. Philbrick
1883-1896 No Competition No Competition
1897 Charles Willis Maud Drummond
1898 Clement Powell Olive Henry
1899 B Carter Evelegh Lily Gower
1900 John Austin Lily Gower
1901 Robert Roper Lily Gower William Bruce
1902 Cyril Corbally Miss M Glyn Geoffrey Woolston
1903 Cyril Corbally Nina Coote Geoffrey Woolston
1904 Reginald Beaton Miss V. Rowley Lily Gower
1905 Lily Gower Nina Coote Reginald Beaton
1906 Cyril Corbally Mrs J. Watson Geoffrey Woolston
1907 Reginald Beaton Eveline Bramwell Maurice Barry
1908 Cyril Corbally Eveline Bramwell Edmund Fawcett
1909 Geoffrey Ashmore Nora J Beausire Leslie O'Callaghan
1910 Leslie O'Callaghan Bertha Willis Leslie O'Callaghan
1911 Edgar Whitaker Elsie Reid H Maxwell Browne
1912 Leslie O'Callaghan Ella Simeon Duff Mathews
1913 Cyril Corbally Lady Julian Parr Cyril Corbally
1914 Duff Mathews Eveline Bramwell Herbert Snell
1915-1918 No Competition No Competition
1919 Duff Mathews Dorothy Steel Francis Barry
1920 Duff Mathews Mrs W.H. Hope Leslie O'Callaghan
1921 Leslie O'Callaghan Noel Gilchrist Francis Barry
1922 Charles Pepper Dorothy Steel Dorothy Steel
1923 Herbert Snell Lorn Strickland Dorothy Steel
1924 David Joseph Mona Bryan Noel de la Mothe (née Gilchrist)
1925 Dorothy Steel Dorothy Steel Charles Elwes William Longman
1926 Ben Apps Dorothy Steel Cyril Corbally Edgar Whitaker
1927 Duff Mathews Dorothy Steel Lt.-Col. William Du Pre Edgar Whitaker
1928 Knightley Coxe Lily Beaton Bernard Klein Knightley Coxe
1929 Lt.-Col. William Du Pre Dorothy Steel Ben Apps Bruce Morgan
1930 Ben Apps Dorothy Steel Humphrey Hicks Humphrey Hicks
1931 Ben Apps Effie Ionides Ben Apps Dorothy Steel
1932 Humphrey Hicks Dorothy Steel Humphrey Hicks Bruce Morgan
1933 Dorothy Steel Dorothy Steel Lt.-Col. William Du Pre Dorothy Steel
1934 Lt.-Col. William Du Pre Dorothy Steel John Lovett Dorothy Steel
1935 Dorothy Steel Dorothy Steel Maurice Reckitt Lt.-Col. William Du Pre
1936 Dorothy Steel Dorothy Steel Lt.-Col. William Du Pre Lorn C. Apps
1937 Charles Colman Dorothy Steel John McMordie Dorothy Steel
1938 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Dorothy Steel Charles Colman Charles Colman
1939 Humphrey Hicks Dorothy Steel Robert Tingey No Competition
1940-1945 No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition
1946 Dudley Hamilton-Miller Phyllis Wiggins Maurice Reckitt Dudley Hamilton-Miller
1947 Humphrey Hicks Nora Elvey Eddie Ward Petley Humphrey Hicks
1948 Humphrey Hicks Nora Elvey Humphrey Hicks Humphrey Hicks
1949 Humphrey Hicks Daisy Lintern Humphrey Hicks Pat Cotter
1950 Humphrey Hicks Margaret Claughton Humphrey Hicks Pat Cotter
1951 Geoffrey L. Reckitt Daisy Lintern John Solomon Humphrey Hicks
1952 Humphrey Hicks Hope Rotherham Pat Cotter Pat Cotter
1953 John Solomon Hope Rotherham John Solomon Pat Cotter
1954 Arthur Ross Daisy Lintern Pat Cotter Humphrey Hicks
1955 Pat Cotter Hope Rotherham Humphrey Hicks John Solomon
1956 John Solomon Ada Kirk Humphrey Hicks Pat Cotter
1957 Bobby Wiggins Daisy Lintern Bobby Wiggins John Solomon
1958 Pat Cotter Daisy Lintern John Solomon John Solomon
1959 John Solomon Hope Rotherham John Solomon John Solomon
1960 Hope Rotherham Joan Warwick John Solomon Pat Cotter
1961 John Solomon Isobel Roe Humphrey Hicks Humphrey Hicks
1962 Pat Cotter Joan Warwick John Solomon John Solomon
1963 John Solomon Hope Rotherham John Solomon John Solomon
1964 John Solomon Hope Rotherham John Solomon John Solomon
1965 John Solomon Joan Warwick John Solomon John Bolton
1966 John Solomon Joan Warwick Humphrey Hicks William Ormerod
1967 John Solomon Margaret Lightfoot Bernard Neal Keith Wylie
1968 John Solomon Joan Warwick Keith Wylie John Solomon
1969 Nigel Aspinall Hope Rotherham Pat Cotter Nigel Aspinall
1970 Keith Wylie Jean Jarden William Ormerod Nigel Aspinall
1971 Keith Wylie Jocelyn Sundius-Smith John Solomon John Solomon
1972 Bernard Neal Jean Jarden John Solomon William Prichard
1973 Bernard Neal Kitty Sessions Nigel Aspinall Nigel Aspinall
1974 Nigel Aspinall Kitty Sessions Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall
1975 Nigel Aspinall Kitty Wheeler Edgar Jackson Nigel Aspinall
1976 Nigel Aspinall Barbara Meachem Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall
1977 Michael Heap Frances Joly Edgar Jackson Keith Wylie
1978 Nigel Aspinall Veronica Carlisle Paul Hands Nigel Aspinall
1979 David Openshaw Barbara Meachem George Noble Eric Solomon
1980 William Prichard Barbara Meachem Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall
1981 David Openshaw Veronica Carlisle David Openshaw Stephen Mulliner
1982 Nigel Aspinall Susan Wiggins Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall
1983 Nigel Aspinall Susan Wiggins Nigel Aspinall Stephen Mulliner
1984 Nigel Aspinall Veronica Carlisle Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall
1985 David Openshaw Mary Collin Stephen Mulliner Nigel Aspinall
1986 Joe Hogan Susan Wiggins David Foulser Stephen Mulliner
1987 Mark Avery Mary Collin Keith Aiton Stephen Mulliner
1988 Stephen Mulliner Debbie Cornelius Mark Saurin Chris Clarke
1989 Joe Hogan Bo Harris Keith Aiton Robert Fulford
1990 Stephen Mulliner Frances Ransom Robert Fulford David Maugham
1991 Robert Fulford Gail Curry David Openshaw Chris Clarke
1992 Robert Fulford Gail Curry Colin Irwin Stephen Mulliner
1993 Reginald Bamford Gail Curry Reginald Bamford David Maugham
1994 Reginald Bamford Debbie Cornelius Michael Taylor David Maugham
1995 Reginald Bamford Gail Curry David Openshaw Chris Clarke
1996 Robert Fulford Gail Curry David Goacher Chris Clarke
1997 Chris Clarke Bo Harris Aaron Westerby Steve Comish
1998 Robert Fulford Frances Ransom Robert Fulford Robert Fulford
1999 Reginald Bamford Beatrice McGlen Reginald Bamford Robert Fulford
2000 Stephen Mulliner Louise Bradforth Reginald Bamford Ed Cunningham
2001 Reginald Bamford Creina Dawson Reginald Bamford Robert Fulford
2002 Reginald Bamford Jenny Williams Reginald Bamford Robert Fulford
2003 Robert Fulford Gail Curry Pete Trimmer Chris Clarke
2004 Robert Fulford Liz Fleming Reginald Bamford David Maugham
2005 David Maugham Jenny Williams Chris Clarke Keith Aiton
2006 Robert Fulford Louise Bradforth Robert Fulford Robert Fulford
2007 Robert Fulford Louise Bradforth Keith Aiton James Death
2008 Robert Fulford Louise Bradforth Keith Aiton Robert Fulford
2009 Rutger Beijderwellen Carol Smith David Maugham Robert Fulford
2010 Reginald Bamford Gabrielle Higgins James Death Robert Fulford
2011 Reginald Bamford Miranda Morgan Robert Fulford Robert Fulford
2012 Reginald Bamford Ailsa Lines James Death Robert Fulford
2013 Reginald Bamford Gabrielle Higgins Jamie Burch Samir Patel
2014 Robert Fulford Gabrielle Higgins James Death Jamie Burch
2015 Robert Fulford Annabel McDiarmid David Maugham Paddy Chapman
2016 Ben Rothman Louise Bradforth David Maugham David Maugham
2017 Reginald Bamford Jenny Clarke David Maugham Jose Riva
2018 David Maugham Louise Bradforth James Death Robert Fulford
2019 James Death Jenny Clarke James Death Jose Riva

Doubles competitions

Year Doubles Championship Mixed Doubles
1919 Francis Barry & Mrs WH Hope
1920 Reginald Beaton & & Lily Beaton
1921 Leslie O'Callaghan & Evelyn Bramwell
1922 Richard O'Callaghan & Noel Gilchrist
1923 Lord Tollemache & Dorothy Steel
1924 Thomas Dickson & Dorothy Steel David Joseph & Winifred Heap
1925 Duff Mathews & Trevor Williams Robert Leetham-Jones & Millie Haslam
1926 Charles Wilson & Lily Beaton Ben Apps & Lorn Strickland
1927 Dorothy Steel & Noel Gilchrist Ben Apps & Lorn Strickland
1928 Dorothy Steel & Noel Gilchrist David Joseph & Winifred Heap
1929 Bernard Klein & Charles Wentworth-Reeve Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Lily Beaton
1930 Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel Trevor Hardman & Evelyn Clarkson
1931 Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel Humphrey Hicks & Mrs FH White
1932 Charles Wilson & Windsor Richards Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel
1933 Bernard Klein & Maurice Reckitt Trevor Williams & Effie Ionides
1934 Bernard Klein & Maurice Reckitt Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel
1935 Reginald Poulter & Eddie Ward Petley Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel
1936 Handel Elvey & Nora Elvey Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Dorothy Steel
1937 Lord Tollemache & Sir Gerald Burke Maurice Reckitt & Lorn Apps
1938 Charles Colman & Lily Beaton Lt.-Col. William Du Pre & Lily Beaton
1939 Robert Tingey & Knightley Coxe Eddie Ward-Petley & Dorothy Steel
1946 Maurice Reckitt & Daisy Lintern Maurice Reckitt & Daisy Lintern
1947 Robert Tingey & Col. JG Clarke Eddie Ward-Petley & Dorothy Steel
1948 Humphrey Hicks & Dudley Hamilton-Miller Maurice Reckitt & Daisy Lintern
1949 Humphrey Hicks & Dudley Hamilton-Miller Ashley Heenan & Winifred Kingsford
1950 Geoffrey & Maurice Reckitt Humphrey Hicks & Hope Rotherham
1951 Humphrey Hicks & Dudley Hamilton-Miller Pat Cotter & Isabel Turketine
1952 Humphrey Hicks & Bobby Wiggins Maurice Reckitt & Daisy Lintern
1953 Humphrey Hicks & Bobby Wiggins Bobby Wiggins & Hope Rotherham
1954 John Solomon & Pat Cotter John Solomon & Freda Oddie
1955 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Humphrey Hicks & Hope Rotherham
1956 Freddie Stone & Leslie Kirk-Greene Gordon Rowling & Tui Mackenzie-Smartt
1957 Humphrey Hicks & Bobby Wiggins Pat Cotter & Hope Rotherham
1958 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Maurice Reckitt & Daisy Lintern
1959 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Bobby Wiggins & Hope Rotherham
1960 Humphrey Hicks & William Ormerod Gerald Cave & Muriel Reeve
1961 John Solomon & Pat Cotter John Hollweg & Agnes Mills
1962 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Guy Warwick & Joan Warwick
1963 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Hope Rotherham
1964 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Hope Rotherham
1965 John Solomon & Pat Cotter Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Hope Rotherham
1966 Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Hope Rotherham
1967 Dudley Hamilton-Miller & Peter Hallett David Prichard & Joan Warwick
1968 Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon John Bolton & Bernie Duthie
1969 John Solomon & Pat Cotter William & Betty Prichard
1970 Nigel Aspinall & Jon Simon Bill Perry & Joan Warwick
1971 Nigel Aspinall & William Ormerod Bill Perry & Joan Warwick
1972 Nigel Aspinall & William Ormerod Bernard Neal & Jean Jarden
1973 Humphrey Hicks & John Soutter Nigel Aspinall & Biddy Dodd
1974 John Prince & Gordon Rowling Paul Hands & Kitty Sessions
1975 Nigel Aspinall & William Ormerod Colin Prichard & Betty Prichard
1976 Nigel Aspinall & William Ormerod Colin Prichard & Betty Prichard
1977 Michael Heap & Stephen Wright Edgar Jackson & Juliet Povey
1978 Nigel Aspinall & William Ormerod Andrew Hope & Pat Asa-Thomas
1979 Bernard Neal & Stephen Hemsted Martin Murray & Barbara Meachem
1980 William Prichard & Stephen Mulliner Bryan Sykes & Sue Sykes
1981 Stephen Mulliner & Mark Ormerod Martin Murray & Barbara Meachem
1982 Andrew Hope & Martin Murray Nigel Aspinall & Carole Knox
1983 Phil Cordingley & John McCullough Martin Murray & Kay Yeoman
1984 Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner Ian Bond & Veronica Carlisle
1985 Mark Avery & David Openshaw Keith Aiton & Mary Collin
1986 Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner Tom Griffith & Jan McLeod
1987 Mark Avery & David Openshaw Nigel Aspinall & Debbie Cornelius
1988 Nigel Aspinall & Stephen Mulliner Paul Smith & Carmen Bazley
1989 Joe Hogan & Bob Jackson Ian Maugham & Bo Harris
1990 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Mark Saurin & Fiona McCoig
1991 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Ray & Frances Ransom
1992 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford John Haslam & Gail Curry
1993 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1994 Reginald Bamford & Stephen Mulliner Lewis Palmer & Annabel McDiarmid
1995 Steve Comish & David Maugham David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1996 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1997 Reginald Bamford & Stephen Mulliner Don Gaunt & Kismet Whittall
1998 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford David Goacher & Rosemary Gugan
1999 Chris Farthing & Chris Patmore Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
2000 Reginald Bamford & Stephen Mulliner Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
2001 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford James Death & Gail Curry
2002 Chris Clarke & David Maugham David Openshaw & Kath Priestley
2003 Not completed David Openshaw & Kath Priestley
2004 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford David Maugham & Jenny Williams
2005 Reginald Bamford & John Gibbons David Maugham & Ailsa Lines
2006 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford David & Eileen Magee
2007 Chris Clarke & Robert Fulford Chris Clarke & Jenny Williams
2008 James Death & Robert Fulford Paul Castell & Mary Knapp
2009 Ian Burridge & Jonathan Kirby Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2010 Robert Fletcher & Stephen Mulliner Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2011 Reginald Bamford & Rutger Beijderwellen Dave Kibble & Louise Bradforth
2012 James Death & Robert Fulford David Maugham & Ailsa Lines
2013 Kevin Beard & Jeff Dawson Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2014 Reginald Bamford & Ben Rothman Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2015 Reginald Bamford & Ben Rothman Keith Aiton & Gabrielle Higgins
2016 Paddy Chapman & David Maugham David Maugham & Gabrielle Higgins
2017 James Death & Samir Patel Chris Clarke & Jenny Clarke
2018 Not Completed David Maugham & Alison Jones
2019 James Death & Samir Patel Mark Suter & Sarah Hayes


Presidents [1]

Year President
1905-1907 Lord Ebury
1908-1933 Lord Desborough
1933-1939 Trevor Williams
1939-1941 Viscount Doneraile
1946-1953 Sir Francis Colchester-Wemyss
1953-1967 Sir Compton Mackenzie
1967-1975 Maurice Reckitt
1975-1982 Edward Duffield
1982-2004 John Solomon
2004-2009 Bernard Neal
2009- Quiller Barrett


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