Crying Nut
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Crying Nut
Crying Nut
Crying Nut at Festival in Hanyang University.jpg
Crying Nut at Hanyang University Festival
Background information
OriginSeoul, South Korea
GenresPunk rock, post-punk, new wave, indie rock, hardcore punk
LabelsDrug Records
LOEN Entertainment
MembersPark, Yoon-Sik
Lee, Sang-Myun
Lee, Sang-Hyuk
Han, kyung-Rock
Kim In-soo

Crying Nut( ?) is an influential punk band from South Korea. They have performed together since 1995[1] and released their debut album called Speed Up Losers in 1998, which made them famous. They are best-selling independent rock band in South Korea.[2] In 2002 they recorded the official Team Korea song for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.[3] which made them a household name in Korea.[4] They have released 7 full albums as of 2014.[5] Their most recent album is called FLAMING NUTS. They are considered the godfathers of the Korean punk scene [6] and are most likely the first punk band in Korea.[7][8] Nowadays, their musical style is influenced by many different genres.[9]

Joseon Punk

In the 1990s, the Korean public was being exposed to many foreign musical styles for the first time, following new political freedom.[10] The early punk bands including Crying Nut incorporated foreign genres in new and unusual ways, while still reflecting their inherent Koreanness. They branded themselves Chosun Punk (now romanized as Joseon Punk) in light of this duality.[11] This tight-knit movement is credited with birthing independent music in Korea.[12]

Overseas Tours

Crying Nut has extensively toured outside of Korea, having been to Japan numerous times, as well as China, Germany, Singapore, the US, the UK, and Sweden. They played the Fuji Rock Festival in 2000, Trastock Festival in Sweden, and Singapore's Mosaic Music Festival in 2008. Following up on their fame from the 2002 World Cup, they performed at the welcoming ceremony of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Their first concert in America was at the Seattle Korean Festival in 2006, and their first concert in the UK was the London Korean Festival in 2006.

They performed at SXSW in 2012 and toured North America as part of the Seoulsonic 2K12 tour funded by KOCCA alongside 3rd Line Butterfly and Yellow Monsters].[13] Reportedly the police came to their SXSW gig due to concerns the venue might collapse because of the audience jumping.[14] They also played at the Canadian Music Week for a special music showcase sponsored by Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.[15]

They returned to SXSW in 2014 with an unprecedented 13 other Korean bands, ranging from Jay Park and Hyuna to fellow punk band No Brain. An image of member Kim Insoo playing accordion was published on the Grammy website.[16]

Legal Dispute

Crying Nut sued CNBLUE and its agency FNC Entertainment for unauthorized use of their song "Deathblow Offside" on Mnet's "M Countdown" in 2010. Crying Nut also charged that CNBLUE had released a DVD of the concert in Japan and profited from it.[17] Crying Nut claimed that not only did CNBLUE use the song without permission, but also lip-synced along with the original Crying Nut recording.[18] Crying Nut allegedly posted online that CNBLUE "must pay the penalties for intellectual property rights infringement".[17] CNBLUE later countersued Crying Nut for allegedly accusing CNBLUE of copyright infringement, filing an injunction against Crying Nut's online criticisms,[19] claiming that the intellectual property theft was the responsibility of CJ E&M and the unspecified company responsible for the DVD sales, and that Crying Nut's allegations may have permanently damaged CNBLUE's reputation as Hallyu stars.[17] But the Court rejected CNBLUE's assertion.[20]

Band members

  • Park, Yoon-Sik (): Vocals, Guitar
  • Lee, Sang-Myun (): Guitar
  • Lee, Sang-Hyuk (): Drums
  • Han, kyung-Rock (): Bass
  • Kim, In-Soo (): Accordion, keyboard

Lee, Sang-Myun and Lee, Sang-Hyuk are twins.



Split albums

  • [1996-12-01] Our Nation 1 (Crying Nut / Yellow Kitchen)


  • [2005-11-02] The Hero
  • [2007-01-12] Hello Whale ( )
  • [2007-02-13] Vodka Seoul Driving ( ?)
  • [2007-02-13] Isn't That Good ()
  • [2015-7-16] Bye-Bye ()

Live albums


  • [2014-09-15] 96-Crying Nut x Nobrain (with No Brain)
  • [2014-06-02] Victory Korea Again ( )
  • [2011-10-18] Naughty Boy (Crying Nut & Galaxy Express ) (?)
  • [2009-04-16] Nexen Heroes ( ?)
  • [2006-05-11] The HERO


  • [2007-04-02] KBS Drama 'Hello! Miss baby'(! ) OST (#1. Funky Dance)
  • [2007-02-13] Movie 'Isn't That Good' OST single (Isn't That Good) ()
  • [2007-07-10] MBC Sitcom. 'Rainbow Romance' OST (#1. Over The Rainbow)
  • [2002--] Movie 'Who are you' OST (#7. Oh! What a Shiny Night) (#7. )
  • [2001-05-24] Movie 'a moonlit night of Shinla' OST (#10. Vicious Song) (#10. )
  • [2000-10-28] Movie 'Just Do It' OST (#1.Do the right thing, #3. Sorry) (#1. , #3. )

Compilation & Omnibus Albums

  • [2015-04-22] Indie 20 (Korean Indie 20th Anniversary Album Part.4) (#2. Six Pack)
  • [2011-08-02] Reborn Sanulrim(; echo) Tribute (#14. So Soon) (#14. )
  • [2010-03-08] The Shouts Of Reds. United Korea (#7. Wake Up Korea) (#7. ? ?)
  • [2008-08-24] Sex Pistols Tribute - No Puture for You (#2. My Way)
  • [2006-05-08] I LOVE FOOTBALL - The World Famous FootBall Song Collection (#4. Deathblow Offside) (#4. )
  • [2005-08-15] Korean Independence 60th anniversary Album (#2. Song for an army of national independence) (#2. ?)
  • [2002-07-] The Red Devil official cheer song Album " " (#3. Fighting Korea) (#3. ?! )
  • [2001-02-13] Deul-gook-Hwa(; wild chrysanthemum) Trubute (#3. a train to the global) (#3. )
  • [2001--] Hee-RO-A-Ruk (?; delight anger sorrow enjoyment) (#3. Poppy) (#3. )
  • [1999-04-24] Cho-Sun Punk (#2. A Fistful of Dollars, #10. All Die, #18. Flaming sun with passion And Hot body ) (#2. , #10. , #18. )
  • [1999-05-] Open The Door (#12. Vladimir, a guy gone to Gwangju ) (#12. ? )
  • [1997-09-23] NIRVANA Tribute - Smells Like Nirvana (#2. Everything and Nothing)

Video Games

Their songs Circus Magic and Astral songs are featured in the arcade game Pump It Up. Remastered versions of "Speed Up Losers" and "Oh! What a Shiny Night" have also appeared in Audition Online in promotion of the Guitar Mode game feature in late 2010.

Accomplishments & Awards

  • 1998 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)
  • 1999 KMTV Korean Music Awards (Indie Artist of the Year)
  • 1999 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)
  • 2000 MTV Asia Music Awards (Korean Artist of the Year--Nominee)
  • 2000 MNET Music Video Festival (Indie Music Video of the Year)
  • 2001 Mnet Asian Music Awards (Best Indie Performance for "Deep in the Night")[21]
  • 2007 ? Korean Music Awards (Musician of the Year - Nominee)
  • 2007 ? Korean Music Awards (Best Rock Album of the Year - Nominee)
  • 2007 ? Korean Music Awards (Best Rock Song of the Year - Nominee)
  • 2010 2000 Top 100 Korean Albums of the Decade (#54 '? Poor Hand Love Song')


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