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Dan Bull

Dan Bull
A picture of Dan Bull in Parliament Square, holding a handheld megaphone, standing on a raised platform and addressing protesters
Dan Bull at the Digital Economy Bill demonstrations in London, 24 March 2010
Background information
Daniel G. L. Bull
Douglby, Dan Bull
Born (1986-03-27) 27 March 1986 (age 32)
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
OriginBromsgrove, Worcestershire,
GenresHip hop
Rapper, songwriter, Gamer
Epic Rap Battles of History, PewDiePie, JT Music, The Yogscast, Iniquity Rhymes

Daniel G. L. Bull (born 27 March 1986) is an English rapper and songwriter known best for his raps about video games, which he publishes on his YouTube channel.

His videos feature him playing various games with fellow artist Dave Brown ("Boyinaband") and fellow YouTube personalities such as Michelle 'The RPG Minx', Markiplier, and Adam Montoya. Bull's music was featured in the British press as part of attempts to save BBC Radio 6,[1][2] campaign against the Digital Economy Bill,[3] and protest in favour of filesharing.[4] He has Asperger's syndrome, which is referenced in some of his raps, such as "A Portrait of the Autist".


Bull has released songs on subjects such as digital rights, the music industry, and gaming.[5][6][7] Bull's actions have gained attention, specifically from the TalkTalk Group, who requested to team up with him against the Digital Economy Bill.[8]

Bull creates gaming raps, ranging with the subgenres nerdcore, political and comedy hip hop. He was briefly partnered with Machinima; however, due to a dispute[9] he now uploads videos independently. He also recorded the theme song for popular YouTuber Nerd³, as well as making an appearance with British gaming group, The Yogscast, with the song "Kicky Kicky Flow" (a rap about Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley), and InTheLittleWood rap (a rap about Martyn Littlewood, another Yogscast member).

Bull's album Face was released in December 2011. The 12-track album includes ten brand new songs as well as the 2010 tracks "America" and "John Lennon". The album focuses on topics such as medical recovery, war, love, Asperger's syndrome, alcoholism, and pride.[10]

Bull's third studio album, The Garden, was released on 31 August 2014. The album features guest appearances from Joey Gzus and long-time collaborator Beit Nun.

In 2014, Bull portrayed a depiction of Jack the Ripper in an episode of the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles of History. Bull later returned to the Epic Rap Battles in 2016 performing a depiction of Winston Churchill.

On 27 March 2015, he released his fourth album, Bullmatic. It is Bull's re-imagining of Nas' classic 1994 album Illmatic: for example, Nas' "N.Y. State of Mind" is re-imagined as "U.K. State of Mind".[11] Bull also voiced Minstrel in the 2015 indie game, Volume.

On 29 June 2015, Bull teamed up with Beit Nun, to release their long-awaited collaborative EP, Brandy Night.

On 13 January 2017, Bull released his fifth album, Hip Hop Hooray. It features comedy songs, such as "Rugbuggery" and "Wiggly Willy" as well as serious life stories such as "I Hurt Myself" and "I'm Going to be a Daddy."

On 6 January 2018, Bull sang H2ODelirious' "10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER MUSIC VIDEO", which was animated by VyronixLiam. It is uploaded on H2ODelirious' channel and Dan Bull's Spotify.


Studio albums

  • Safe (2009)
  • Face (2011)
  • Generation Gaming (2013)
  • Generation Gaming II (2014)
  • The Garden (2014)
  • Generation Gaming III (2014)
  • Generation Gaming IV (2015)
  • Generation Gaming V (2015)
  • Bullmatic (2015)
  • Brandy Night [alongside Beit Nun] (2015)
  • The Life of Pablo (2016)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (2017)
  • Dan Bull: The Epic Discography (2017)


  • Dear Lily (2009)
  • Doorways (2009)
  • Free Gary (2009)
  • Generation Gaming (2009)
  • Dear Andy (2010)
  • Dear Mandy (2010)
  • Death of ACTA (2010)
  • Dear Auntie (2010)
  • Wikileaks and the Need for Free Speech (2010)
  • SOPA Cabana (2011)
  • Dear Microsoft (2011)
  • Bye Bye BPI (2012)
  • A Portrait of the Autist (2013)
  • Kicky Kicky Flow ft. The Yogscast (2013)
  • Hey There NSA ! (2014)
  • Dungeon keeper (2014)
  • Fuck Content ID (2014)
  • The NSA Hate This Song :)* (2014)
  • Tony Benn (2014)
  • Avengers Infinity Wars (Dan Bull as Doctor Strange) by NerdOut ft.Various Artists


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