Dru Down
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Dru Down
Dru Down
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Hip hop
Rapper, actor
Labels C-Note Records
Relativity Records
Pimp On Records
2pac, The Regime, Luniz, Mac Dre

Dru Down is an American rapper and actor from Oakland, California.[1] He is a member of The Regime, a collective of rappers that includes Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, Messy Marv, BG Bulletwound, Dorasel, Grant Rice, Tha Realest and Gonzoe.

Music career

The title track of his 1996 album Can You Feel Me was a minor but commercial hit. Dru Down is probably best known for his worldwide viral music video "Pimp of the Year", aka "Mack of the Year", written and directed by Marty Thomas, who also directed two controversial remixes. He's performed with Spice 1, Mac Dre, E-40, Richie Rich, Shock G, Yukmouth, The Luniz, and other Bay Area rappers, and introduces the 2Pac song "All About You". Dru Down also plays a part in the 1996 movie Original Gangstas. He had a short tenure with Ruthless Records in 2001-2002, although the album was ultimately released via C-Note Records, a fact alluded to in the beginning of his album, Gangsta Pimpin'. In 2001, he released a movie of his own, Hip Hop & Porn Stars. Currently, Dru is signed to rapper Yukmouth's Smoke-A-Lot Records and owns his own record label, Pimp On Records. Dru Down released his 2010 album Chronicles of a Pimp on November 16 a collaboration with Stay Tooned Entertainment.

MSNBC Lockup episode

Dru Down was featured on an episode of Lockup on MSNBC.[when?] During the episode he was interviewed by the show's producers and was said to be serving a three-year jail sentence at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California (Alameda County) 20 miles from Oakland.


Studio albums

Collaboration albums

Compilation albums

  • Dru Down's Greatest Hits (2006)
  • Lost Tapes I (2008)
  • Lost Tapes II (2008)
  • Lost Tapes III (2008)
  • Lost Tapes IV (2008)


  • Crack Muzic Vol. 1 (with Rahmean & Lee Majors) (2007)
  • Crack Muzic Vol. 2 (with Rahmean & Lee Majors) (2007)
  • New Crack City (with Rahmean & Lee Majors) (2009)


  • "Pimp of the Year" (1994)
  • "Ice Cream Man" (featuring Luniz) (1994)
  • "No One Loves You" (1995)
  • "Can You Feel Me" (1996)
  • "Baby Bubba" (featuring Bootsy Collins) (1997)
  • "Hello" (featuring The Jacka) (2010)

Guest appearances

Year Title[] Artist(s) Album
1995 "Pimps, Playas & Hustlas" Luniz feat. Dru Down & Richie Rich Luniz - Operation Stackola
"Put The Lead On Ya" Luniz feat. Dru Down
"I Got 5 on It (Clean Bay Ballas Vocal Remix)" Luniz feat. Dru Down, Richie Rich, E-40, Shock G, Humpty Hump & Spice 1 Luniz - I Got 5 on It (Single)
1996 "All Bout U" 2Pac feat. Dru Down, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg 2Pac - All Eyez on Me
1997 "Sliden" Cobra feat. Dru Down, Knucklehead, Otis & Shug Cobra - Playaz In Paradise
"Pistols Blazin" 3X Krazy feat. Dru Down & Yukmouth 3X Krazy - Stackin' Chips
"Cali Lifestyles" N2Deep feat. Dru Down & PSD N2Deep - The Golden State
"Dirty Raps" Luniz feat. Dru Down Luniz - Bootlegs & B-Sides
"Live Yo Life" Luniz feat. Dru Down Laylaw presents - The Lawhouse Experience
2000 "She's Paid" AMG feat. Dru Down & Bosko AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money 2001
"Pimpin', Playin', Hustlin'" Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. feat. Dru Down, Knumskull & Byron "Blu" Mitchell Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - Mafia Lifestyle
2001 "Block Shit" Yukmouth & Tha Gamblaz feat. Phats Bossalini, Dru Down, Mac Mall & Troopa Yukmouth & Tha Gamblaz - Block Shit
"I'm A Boss" Daz Dillinger & JT the Bigga Figga feat. C-Bo, Yukmouth & Dru Down Daz Dillinger & JT the Bigga Figga - Game for Sale
2002 "Closer Than Close" Luniz feat. Dru Down Luniz - Silver & Black
"Fugitive (Armed & Dangerous)" Luniz feat. Dru Down & Benjilino
"I'm So Cool" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down, Lil' Ron & Richie Rich Yukmouth - United Ghettos of America
"Neva" Yukmouth feat. Big Bear & Dru Down
2003 "Pimp Dat Bitch" Yukmouth feat. B-Legit & Dru Down Yukmouth - Godzilla
2004 "Spin & Chop" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down, Kieu & Nate Da Nut Yukmouth - United Ghettos of America Vol. 2
"United Ghettos Of America pt. 2" Yukmouth feat. 151, C-Bo, Dru Down, Eastwood, Roscoe, Spice 1 & Tha Realest
2006 "Get Nasty" Pretty Black feat. Dru Down, Husalah & Kazi Pretty Black - Prince Of The Streets
"Mobsta's" Pretty Black feat. Bleu Davinci, Dru Down & J-Diggs
"We On" Pretty Black feat. Dru Down & Mistah F.A.B.
"Yada Wha" Pretty Black feat. Dru Down, Monsta Ganjah & Young Dru
"1st of the Month" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down & Monsta Gunjah Yukmouth & Messy Marv - 100 Racks
2007 "It's Pimpin'" The Yay Boyz feat. Dru Down & Clyde Carson The Yay Boyz - Nosebleed Muzik
"My Bitches And Me" The Yay Boyz feat. Dru Down
"So Paid" The Yay Boyz feat. Yukmouth & Dru Down
"Wreckless" The Yay Boyz feat. Dru Down
"Eye Candy" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down, Lee Majors, Pretty Black & Tuffy Yukmouth - United Ghettos of America: Eye Candy
2008 "East Oakland" Yukmouth feat. Bart, Beeda Weeda, The Delinquents, Dru Down, Kafani, Richie Rich, Tajai, The Team & Tuffy The Goon Yukmouth - Million Dollar Mouthpiece
"Pimpin'" Mac Dre feat. Tuff Da Goon, Dru Down, Thizz Mob & Rydah J. Klyde Mac Dre - Dre Area
2009 "Pimpin' 4 Real" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down, Dyson & Mac Dre Yukmouth - The West Coast Don
"Hook Up, Cook Up" Messy Marv feat. Dru Down Messy Marv - Draped Up and Chipped Out, Vol. 4
2010 "Attention" E-40 feat. Dru Down, Suga Free & Stompdown E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift
"So Trill" Yukmouth feat. Lil Hype & Dru Down Yukmouth - Free at Last
"Cheat'n Ass Lover" Tha Dogg Pound feat. Soopafly, Nate Dogg & Dru Down Tha Dogg Pound - 100 Wayz
2012 "Where U From" Yukmouth, Rahmean, Stevie Joe, Clyde Carson, Philthy Rich Half Baked
"Airheads" Blanco, Yukmouth, B-Legit, Richie Rich Cookies 'n Cream
2013 "Wow Really" Yukmouth feat. Lee Majors & Dru Down Yukmouth - The Last Dragon
"Back In the Trap" Yukmouth feat. Boss Tone, Monsta, T-Lew, Kuzzo Fly, Rahmean & Dru Down
"It's a Mob Campaign" Yukmouth feat. Dru Down, T-Lew, Rahmean, Kuzzo Fly & Lee Majors
"Why Ask Why" Yukmouth feat. Lee Majors, Dru Down & Chop Black
"On Momz" Yukmouth feat. Lee Majors, Rahmean, T-Lew & Dru Down
"Who Me" Yukmouth & The Regime feat. Lee Majors, Dru Down, Rahmean & Ampichino Yukmouth & The Regime - Dragon Gang
"Bonified Husalah" Yukmouth & The Regime feat. Lee Majors, Dru Down, Kuzzo Fly, T-Lew, Mosnta, BG Bulletwound & Chop Black
"Rock n Roll" Yukmouth & The Regime feat. Dru Down & Tech N9ne
"Regime Terrorist" Yukmouth & The Regime feat. Lee Majors, T-Lew, Chop Black, Dru Down, Kuzzo Fly & BG Bulletwound
"All Nighters" Yukmouth & The Regime feat. Kuzzo Fly, T-Lew, Dru Down, Boss Tone, Rahmean & Lee Majors
"On Rubber Bands" Lee Majors feat. Husalah, Breeze, Dru Down, Rahmean, Big Heazy & Young Jesus G Slaps Radio Vol 4: Turkey Bags In My Louis Duffle
2014 "The Best of Me" Boss Tone feat. Dru Down & ROC Guns & Rose



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