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Forest For the Trees
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Forest For the Trees

Forest for the Trees was a group started by Carl Stephenson in 1993. The project produced only a single full-length album during its duration. Self-titled, the album was released in 1997 after being delayed by a nervous breakdown that kept Stephenson from working on it for several years. Forest for the Trees produced only one single of note titled "Dream." Forest for the Trees had many members, including John "coz" Acosta, Beck, Papa Bear Martinez, Mark Petersen, Don Device, David Strayer /drums, Chris Camacho/ bass and Jasper & Amadeus amongst others. One album remains unreleased as of 2006 being shelved by the now non-existent DreamWorks Records. In addition to be the creator of the group and producing, Stephenson plays violin, guitar, sitar, drums, keyboards and the didgeridoo. "Forest for the Trees is also beautifully infected with a collage of sounds from answering machines to dripping water to roller coasters, which bring a real-life aspect to rather abstract music."[1] The band performed at the 2002 Coachella Music Festival.


Entertainment Weekly's David Browne described the self-titled album this way: "With its bong-watered, headphone-ready melange of distorted vocals, hip-hop beats, space-cadet lyrics, and sampled effects, the album is a spiritual cousin to Beck's debut Mellow Gold, which Stephenson co-produced."[2] The album's lead single, "Dream," enjoyed modest success in MTV's heavy-rotation "Buzz Bin," and received mixed reviews. As credit to the obvious psychedelic nature of the music, lists Forest for the Trees as "good music to trip to."[3]

Pitchfork Media gave the album a disappointed 6.1, but did state "Given the fact that this album was completed three to four years ago, it takes on visionary qualities. Had this been released when it was originally completed, Beck's Odelay may never have been hailed as the cut-n-paste production blueprint it has become."[4]

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Modern Rock Tracks 18
Billboard Hot 100 72

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Forest for the Trees

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Heatseakers 16
Billboard Hot 200 190


Guest Appearances

  • DreamWorks Fall Sampler (2000) ("Jellyfish")


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