Gettin' the Band Back Together
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Gettin' the Band Back Together
Gettin' the Band Back Together
Logo for the Broadway Production
MusicMark Allen
LyricsMark Allen
BookKen Davenport and the Grundleshotz
Productions2013 George Street Playhouse
2014 Pre-Broadway Workshop
2018 Broadway

Gettin' the Band Back Together is a musical with music and lyrics by Mark Allen and a book by Ken Davenport and the Grundleshotz, a group of performers and writers including Sebastian Arcelus, Fred Berman, Michael Hirstreet, Jenna Coker Jones, Craig Jorczak, Nathan Kaufman, Jay Klaitz, Emily McNamara, Jennifer Miller, Bhavesh Patel, Sarah Saltzberg and Fletcher Young.

Production History

George Street Playhouse, 2013

Originally titled "Garage Band,"[1]Gettin' the Band Back Together was developed through a four-year improvisational rehearsal process by Ken Davenport and the Grundleshotz.[2] It premiered at the George Street Playhouse on September 24, 2013, starring Alison Fraser and Mitchell Jarvis. The production was directed by John Rando and choreographed by Kelly Devine.[3] Residents of Sayreville, New Jersey, the musical's setting and Jon Bon Jovi's hometown, were offered half-price tickets to the production's final preview performance on October 3, and first responders and emergency workers from Sayreville were offered complimentary tickets.[4]

Pre-Broadway Workshop, 2014

On June 24, 2014, Gettin' the Band Back Together had a workshop performance in New York City starring Constantine Maroulis and Marilu Henner and directed by John Rando.[5]

Broadway 2018

The musical opened on Broadway at the Belasco Theatre on July 19, 2018 in previews with opening night on August 13. The production is directed by Rando with choreography by Chris Bailey, scenic design by Derek McLane, costume design by Emily Rebholz and lighting design by Ken Billington.[6]

The musical closed on September 16, 2018 after 40 performances and 30 previews.[7]


Upon closing of the Broadway run, Broadway Licensing acquired the rights for all future professional and amateur productions.[8]


In New York City, businessman Mitch Papadopolous is fired on his fortieth birthday. He returns to Sayreville, New Jersey, his hometown, to move back in with his mother, Sharon ("Jersey"). Mitch's best friend, Bart, suggests they reunite their old band, Juggernaut, and when Tygen Billows, their nemesis from high school, learns that Mitch has returned to Sayreville, he challenges Mitch to a rematch of the Battle of the Bands competition that Juggernaut won twenty years earlier.

Mitch is initially reluctant to reunite the band ("One of Those Guys"), but when Tygen threatens to foreclose on Sharon's and Bart's houses, Mitch agrees to enter the Battle of the Bands on the condition that if his band wins, Sharon and Bart will get to keep their houses. Mitch and Bart convince their old band-mates, Sully and Robbie, to get the band back together ("Gettin' the Band Back Together"), with the exception of Kenny, who died while playing a concert at an amusement park two years earlier ("Kenny's Hymn"). The band replaces Kenny with Ricky, a sixteen year old student from the local high school where Bart teaches math.

Juggernaut begins rehearsals, encouraged by Sharon, and book their first gig playing a Jewish wedding ("Hava Nagila"). Mitch begins talking to Dani, his ex from high school who is dating Tygen. Mitch and Tygen get into a fist fight at a bar, landing Juggernaut in jail ("Life Without Parole").

The band gets out of jail just in time for the Battle of the Bands, where Juggernaut performs their new song ("Do Over").

Musical numbers

Original casts

Character George Street Playhouse (2013) Pre-Broadway Workshop (2014) Broadway (2018)
Mitch Papadopolous Mitchell Jarvis Constantine Maroulis Mitchell Jarvis
Bart Vickers Jay Klaitz
Michael "Sully" Sullivan Adam Monley Paul Whitty
Rummesh "Robbie" Patel Manu Narayan
Ritchie Lorenzo Garth Kravitz
Tygen Billows Brandon Williams
Sharon Papadopolous Alison Fraser Marilu Henner
Dani Franco Michelle Duffy Kelli Barrett
Roxanne Velasco Deidre Goodwin Natalie Venetia Belcon Tamika Lawrence
Tawny Truebody Emily McNamara Becca Kötte
Ricky "Bling" Goldstein Evan Daves Sawyer Nunes
Billie Franco Heather Braverman Noa Solorio

Original cast recordings

An original cast recording of the George Street Playhouse production of Gettin' the Band Back Together was released on December 27, 2013.[9][10]

Song List

  • "Jersey" - Mitch, Bart, Sully, Robbie, Ensemble
  • "One of Those Guys" - Mitch
  • "Gettin' the Band Back Together" - Mitch, Bart, Sully, Robbie
  • "Kenny's Hymn" - Mitch, Bart, Sully, Robbie
  • "Hava Nagila" - Ricky, Ensemble
  • "Life Without Parole" - Mitch, Bart, Sully, Robbie, Ricky, Drunk Guy
  • "Bart's Confession" - Bart, Ensemble
  • "Do Over" - Mitch, Bart, Sully, Robbie, Ricky

An original Broadway cast recording, produced by Sh-K-Boom Records,[11] was recorded on August 22, 2018 and released on September 28, 2018.[12][13]


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