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Linguistic classificationIndo-European
  • Graeco-Phrygian

Graeco-Phrygian is a hypothetical clade of the Indo-European language family with two branches in turn: Greek and Phrygian. Greek has also been variously grouped with Armenian and Indo-Iranian (Graeco-Armenian; Graeco-Aryan), Ancient Macedonian (Graeco-Macedonian) and, more recently, Messapian. Greek and Ancient Macedonian are often classified under Hellenic; at other times, Hellenic is posited to consist of only Greek dialects. The linguist Václav Bla?ek states that, in regard to the classification of these languages, their surviving texts--because of their scarcity and/or their nature--cannot be quantified.[2]

The linguist Claude Brixhe points to the following features Greek and Phrygian are known to have in common and in common with no other language:[3]


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