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The charts below show how the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Venetian language pronunciations in resource articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to resource articles, see {{IPA-vec}} and Resource: Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

IPA Examples English approximation
b barba; sbaro bike
d dove; idra done
dz ð z zaino; ?enòcio; fran?a; fredha; ordho; ?an?ivi; lapi?ea dads; this; zipper
d? gèmo; giara; ?arón; ?en jab
f finco; fìnferli; rufa fast
? gato; figo; ghìngari; rughe gas
h ahari; hémena hat
k coa; checa; tenca; karèga; quacio scar
l làrese; molton; stèla lip
?[1] ?ate; go?a roughly like toll
m mare; rema mother
n nasion; ànara nest
? ladi?; piro?; óngara; venco; canpo[2] sing
? cugnà; gnaro; ñel; ñaña roughly like canyon
p popà; despèrdere spin
?[3] rosto; vara roughly like water (American English)
s soto; baston; strassa sorry
t talpa; butiro; gat star
ts ? s zata; marz; nòzze; çanpedon; petaça; cazhòt; zhèrzha cats; thing; sorry
t? cèrega; ciaro; moc'; ?ave chip
v vaca; ava vent
z àseno; sbaro; ?io; on?o; xe; piaxe zipper
Marginal consonants
? artiglièr, batàglia roughly like million
? ?chena; me?edà ship
? ?al; ru?a measure
j jèri; ajo; lezièr; yacht you
w suòr; aqua; web wine
IPA Examples English approximation
a aqua; man roughly like father
e feta; paré roughly like pay
? ghènga; perèr bed
i fio; intrada see
o bote; bogó roughly like law (British English)
? fiòco; pòro off
u duto; dudolèr tool
IPA Examples English approximation
' poro [po'na?o] bottle
? liberamente [?libe?a'me?te] intonation
. fio ['fi.o] moai


  1. ^ In some dialects it is pronounced [l] or omitted.
  2. ^ As in most Northern Italian languages, nasals do not assimilate their place of articulation to that of the following consonant, differently from what happens in standard Italian. In Venetian, (in Italian only occurring in /n?/, /nk/) is used in all nasal plus consonant clusters: e.g. canpo ['ka?po], canto? [ka?'to?].
  3. ^ The phoneme /r/ in Venetian is almost always an alveolar flap.

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