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Hetephernebti was a queen of the Third Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt. She was the only known wife of Pharaoh Djoser.[1]

Hetephernebti and a King's Daughter Inetkaes were named on stelae found around Djoser's Sakkara pyramid complex and on a Heliopolis relief showing Djoser accompanied by the two of them.[2]

Among her titles were "one who sees Horus" (m33.t-?rw-) and "great of sceptre" (wr.t-ht=s), both common for important queens in this period, also, she was called "King's Daughter", which means she was possibly a daughter of Djoser's predecessor Khasekhemwy and Nimaethap, thus a sister or half-sister of her husband.[3]


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