I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
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I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano"
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 13
Directed byJohn Patterson
Written byDavid Chase
Cinematography byPhil Abraham
Production code113
Original air dateApril 4, 1999
Running time60 minutes

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"I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano" is the 13th episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the finale of the show's first season. Written by David Chase and directed by John Patterson, it originally aired on April 4, 1999.


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Jimmy Altieri's behavior convinces Tony that he is an FBI informant. He is killed and his body dumped in an alley with a rat stuffed into his mouth.

Knowing that Tony's life is in danger, Dr. Melfi openly speculates about his mother, noting that she often speaks of infanticide. She suggests that she has borderline personality disorder, that she creates bitterness and conflict, and has no love or compassion. Tony cannot bear to hear this. He crosses to her chair, looms over her, calls her a "twisted fucking bitch" and says, "We're finished."

Tony is brought to an FBI safe house. Livia's room at the retirement home was bugged, and Agent Cubitoso plays recordings that show Tony beyond doubt that his murder was planned by his uncle Junior, goaded on by his mother.

Tony goes back to Dr. Melfi. He explains that the murder was attempted partly because he was seeing her; her life is now in danger and, though she resists, he tells her to leave town. He then confides to his crew that he is seeing a psychiatrist. Silvio and Paulie can accept it; it seems that Christopher cannot and he walks out. Retaliation begins: Chucky Signore and Mikey Palmice are killed. However, Junior and most of his crew are then arrested. Tony's lawyer tells him that he was not indicted because the charges relate to scams in which he was not involved. Junior is offered a deal if he confesses that Tony is the de facto boss of the family, but he refuses.

Carmela sees that Father Phil is now close to the recently widowed Rosalie. Apparently prepared for another long evening of food and wine and a DVD, he calls on Carmela when she is alone at home. She rebuffs him; she tells him that he takes advantage of spiritually thirsty women, and that he is somehow stimulated by the food and the sexual tension. Crushed, he leaves.

Livia is showing signs of senility. Artie visits her; she remembers that Tony burnt down his restaurant, and tells him. Enraged, he confronts Tony with a rifle. Tony manages to persuade him that his mother was always unreliable and is now confused; he swears he did not do it. Still enraged, Artie throws down the rifle and leaves. As time passes, and the new restaurant is a success, he finds peace.

Tony goes to Green Grove. On the way to his mother's room he grabs a pillow and holds it in both hands. When he is told she has had a stroke, he smiles ironically. She is wheeled past on a gurney. Discarding the pillow, he leans very close to her face, murmuring threats. The staff haul him off. He cries, "She's vile! ... She's smiling!"

One night, trapped in a thunderstorm, Tony and his family go to Artie's restaurant to wait it out. After a little resistance, he welcomes them. As they eat by candlelight, Tony raises his glass to "the little moments that were good."

First appearance

  • Agent Cubitoso: The FBI agent in charge of investigating the Soprano crime family and Tony Soprano.


Title reference

Cultural references

  • Episode title is a nod to the 1960s I Dream of Jeannie TV series.
  • When A.J. is making fun of Livia after her 'Who's Artie Bucco?' question, he mockingly hums the theme from Jeopardy!.
  • Meadow and Jeremy are watching "Planely Possible", an episode of the sci-fi/horror HBO TV Show Perversions of Science together.
  • Father Phil brings Carmela a DVD of One True Thing, starring Renée Zellweger.
  • When Mikey Palmice fingers Junior for shooting Brendan Filone, Christopher expresses disbelief, calling Junior "Mr. Magoo".
  • When the FBI offers to play Tony portions of surveillance tape in an informal sit-down, he jokes that if it's the Springsteen CD box set, he's already got it.
  • The U.S. attorney who offers Junior a deal is named Gene Conigliaro. Eugene Conigliaro was a character on a sixth-season episode of The Rockford Files, "Just a Coupla Guys." Chase wrote both scripts. Greg Antonacci, who played Conigliaro, would eventually join the show in the sixth season as New York mobster Butch DeConcini.
  • Tony calls a hospital worker "George Clooney", a reference to the actor's role on ER.
  • During the final dinner scene Paulie calls Silvio Pat Cooper a reference to the famous comedian.
  • When advising Dr. Melfi to leave town for her safety, Tony suggests that she tell her patients that "August came early." This is a reference to the practice of psychoanalysts to vacation in the month of August.
  • Being questioned while under arrest, Junior jokes to his interrogator that he would like to have sex with Angie Dickinson. This is a reference to the actress who was reputed to have had an affair with John F. Kennedy, with whom Junior is obsessed.


  • The song playing at the beginning of the episode during the meeting at Satriale's is "Inside of Me" by Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul (Little Steven is the musical pseudonym of Steven Van Zandt, who plays Silvio Dante in the show).
  • The song played during the hotel killing scene is "Wood Cabin" by Saint Etienne.
  • The song played when Carmela and Rosalie have lunch at Artie's new restaurant and discuss Rosalie's grief over her husband Jackie and Carmela's fear for her own is "I'll Remember April" by Bobby Darin.
  • The song played when Father Phil joins Carmela and Rosalie for lunch at Artie's new restaurant is "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Frankie Valli.
  • The song played at the Bada Bing is "Groove Me" by Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies.
  • The song played just after Tony kills Chucky is "It's Bad You Know" by R. L. Burnside.
  • The choir music heard when Carmela walks in on Rosalie and Father Phil in church is "Illumina Faciem Tuam" By Carlo Gesualdo, performed by the Oxford Camerata.
  • The song played when Tony is happy at breakfast is "Rave On!" by Buddy Holly.
  • The song played during the montage of the Feds arresting Junior, Larry Boy, Sasso and the other mobsters is "The Four Sections (Andrea Parker Mix)" by Steve Reich.
  • The song played when Tony comes looking for Dr. Melfi is "El Gorrito" by Lucho Argain.
  • The song played over the end credits is "State Trooper" by Bruce Springsteen.

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