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Immediate Records

Immediate Records
Immediate Records logo.png
Founded1965; 55 years ago (1965)
FounderAndrew Loog Oldham
Defunct1970 (1970)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Immediate Records was a British record label, started in 1965 by The Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder and concentrating on the London-based blues and R&B scene.


Immediate Records was started in 1965. Signed musicians included Rod Stewart, P.P. Arnold, songwriter Paul Korda, Billy Nicholls, John Mayall, Savoy Brown, Small Faces, The Nice, Fleetwood Mac, The Groundhogs, Chris Farlowe, Duncan Browne and Humble Pie.

Due to financial problems, the label ceased operations in 1970 and it has been the subject of controversy ever since. This is especially true in regard to unpaid royalties owed to the Small Faces, who made numerous hit recordings for the label between 1967 and 1969. Despite their success, the band received virtually no income from these often re-released records, until legal action finally secured payments from the present licencees in the early 2000s.[]

According to Small Faces drummer Kenney Jones, most of Immediate Records' assets and income were embezzled by one of the company's senior partners, who allegedly channelled the funds to offshore bank accounts. Paul Korda, who wrote songs such as "The Time Has Come" for P.P. Arnold, was never paid for work done for Immediate Records.[]

In the US, Immediate Records first set up a deal with MGM Records, who issued three singles (K-13530, K-13567, K-13600) as part of the regular MGM series using regular MGM labels with the Immediate logo on the side of the label. Then Immediate Records set up a short-lived deal with United Artists, who issued two singles using the Immediate moniker (E-1901, E-1902) before signing a deal with CBS to set up a new label series, which picked selective Immediate Records singles (using product codes with the ZS7 prefix) and albums (using Z12) until they had a dispute. Finally, Immediate Records set up a short-lived independent label in the US to issue one single (IMOC-001) and The Nice's last album before the label entered into liquidation.[]

In 2008, a comprehensive book about Immediate Records, written by Simon Spence, who 'ghosted' Andrew Loog Oldham's two autobiographies, was published in the UK and US by Black Dog as part of their Labels Unlimited series.[1] A second, amended version has since been published. In 2016, a comprehensive discography with brief organisational history, 'The Immediate Discography: The First 20 Years' by recorded music historian, Mark Jones, was published with input from Barry Green, the curator of the official Immediate archive. This book won the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Best Research in Recorded Rock Music, Best Discography Award, 2017.[2]

Today, Sanctuary Records, owned by BMG Rights Management, controls the Immediate Records catalogue in the United Kingdom. Outside of the UK, Charly Records controls the Immediate catalogue.[3] Charly owns the Immediate Records trade mark.[4]



UK # US # Artist(s) Album title
IMLP-001 - The McCoys Hang on Sloopy (from US Bang)
IMLP-002 - Sam Cooke The Wonderful World of Sam Cooke (featuring US Keen material)
IMLP-003 - Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra Today's Pop Symphony (directed by Keith Richards)
IMLP-004 - Mark Murphy Who Can I Turn To
IMLP-005 - Chris Farlowe 14 Things to Think About
IMLP-006 - Chris Farlowe The Art of Chris Farlowe
IMLP-007 - Twice as Much Own Up
IMLP-008 Z12-52 002 Small Faces Small Faces (aka There Are But Four Small Faces)
IMLP-009 - Billy Nicholls Would You Believe
IMLP-010 - Chris Farlowe The Best of Chris Farlowe Vol. 1
IMLP-011 - P.P. Arnold The First Lady of Immediate
IMLP-012 Z12-52 008 Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
IMLP-013 - Twice as Much That's All
IMLP-014 Z12-52 006 Various Blues Anytime Vol. 1 (reissued under several titles)
IMLP-015 Z12-52 007 Various Blues Anytime Vol. 2 (reissued under several titles)
IMLP-016 Z12-52 004 The Nice The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
IMLP-017 Z12 52 016 P.P. Arnold Kafunta
IMLP-018 Z12-52 012 Duncan Browne Give Me Take You
IMLP-019 Z12-52 018 Various Blues Anytime Vol. 3 (reissued under several titles)
IMLP-020 Z12-52 020 The Nice Ars Longa Vita Brevis
IMLP-021 - Chris Farlowe The Last Goodbye
IMLP-022 - Small Faces In Memoriam (not issued in the UK; only in Europe)
IMLP-023 - Amen Corner National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company
IMLP-024 - Various Blues Leftovers (Blues Anytime Vol. 4)
IMLP-025 IMOCS-101 Humble Pie As Safe As Yesterday Is
IMLP-026 Z12-52 022 & IMOCS-102 The Nice Nice
IMLP-027 - Humble Pie Town and Country
IMLP-028 - Amen Corner Farewell to the Real Magnificent Seven
IMEP-001 - Chris Farlowe Farlowe in the Midnight Hour
IMEP-002 - The McCoys Hits Vol. 1
IMEP-003 - The McCoys Hits Vol. 2
IMEP-004 - Chris Farlowe Hits
IMAL-01/02 - Small Faces The Autumn Stone
IMAL-03/04 - Various Anthology of British Blues Volume 1 (reissue of Blues Anytime series)
IMAL-05/06 - Various Anthology of British Blues Volume 2 (reissue of Blues Anytime series)
Sampler albums
IMLYIN - Various Immediate Lets You In
IMLYIN-2 - Various Happy to Be a Part of the Industry of Human Happiness


UK # US # Artist(s) Song title
IM-001 - The McCoys "Hang on Sloopy" (from US Bang)
b/w "I Can't Explain It"
IM-002 - The Fifth Avenue "The Bells of Rhymney"
b/w "Just Like Anyone Would Do"
IM-003 - Nico "I'm Not Sayin'"
b/w "The Last Mile"
IM-004 - Gregory Phillips "Down in the Boondocks"
b/w "That's the One"
IM-005 - The Masterminds "She Belongs to Me"
b/w "Taken My Love"
IM-006 - The Poets "Call Again"
b/w "Some Things I Can't Forget"
IM-007 - The Strangeloves "Cara-Lin" (from US Bang)
b/w "(Roll On) Mississippi"
IM-008 - Van Lenton "Gotta Get Away"
b/w "You Don't Care"
IM-009 - The Factotums "In My Lonely Room"
b/w "A Run in the Green and Tangerine Flaked Forest" (Note: This is the same recording previously issued as "That's the One" on flip of IM-004)
IM-010 - The Golden Apples of the Sun "The Monkey Time"
b/w "Chocolate Rolls, Tea and Monopoly"
IM-011 - Barbara Lynn "You Can't Buy My Love" (from US Tribe)
b/w "That's What a Friend Will Do"
IM-012 - John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers "I'm Your Witchdoctor"
b/w "Telephone Blues"
IM-013 - Glyn Johns "Mary Anne"
b/w "Like Grains of Yellow Sand"
IM-014 - Mick Softley "I'm So Confused"
b/w "She's My Girl"
IM-015 - The Mockingbirds "You Stole My Love"
b/w "Skit Skat"
IM-016 - Chris Farlowe "The Fool"
b/w "Treat Her Good"
IM-017 - Joey Vine "Down & Out"
b/w "The Out of Towner"
IM-018 - Jimmy Tarbuck "Someday"
b/w "Wastin' Time"
IM-019 - The Variations "The Man With All the Toys"
b/w "She'll Know I'm Sorry"
IM-020 - Les Fleur de Lys "Moondreams"
b/w "Wait for Me"
IM-021 - The McCoys "Fever" (from US Bang)
b/w "Sorrow"
IM-022 - The Factotums "You're So Good to Me"
b/w "Can't Go Home Anymore My Love"
IM-023 - Chris Farlowe "Think"
b/w "Don't Just Look at Me"
IM-024 - The Poets "Baby Don't You Do It"
b/w "I'll Come Home"
IM-025 - Charles Dickens "So Much in Love"
b/w "Our Soul Brother TH"
IM-026 - Goldie "Going Back"
b/w "Headlines"
IM-027 - Tony Rivers and the Castaways "Girl Don't Tell Me"
b/w "The Girl From Salt Lake City"
IM-028 - The McCoys "Don't Worry Mother, Your Son's Heart Is Pure" (from US Bang)
b/w "Ko-Ko"
IM-029 - The McCoys "Up and Down" (from US Bang)
b/w "If You Tell a Lie"
IM-030 - The London Waits "Softly, Softly" (theme from the BBC Television series Softly, Softly)
b/w "Serenadio (Italian Serenade)"
IM-031 - The Turtles "You Baby"
b/w "Wanderin' Kind"
IM-032 - Les Fleur de Lys "Circles"
b/w "So, Come On"
IM-033 K-13530 Twice as Much "Sittin' on a Fence"
b/w "Baby I Want You"
IM-034 - The McCoys "Runaway"
b/w "Come on Let's Go"
IM-035 K-13567 Chris Farlowe "Out of Time"
b/w "Baby Make It Soon"
IM-036 K-13600 Twice as Much "Step Out of Line"
b/w "Simplified"
IM-037 - The McCoys "(You Make Me Feel) So Good" (from US Bang)
b/w "Everyday I Have to Cry"
IM-038 - Chris Farlowe "Ride On, Baby"
b/w "Headlines"
IM-039 - Twice as Much "True Story"
b/w "You're So Good for Me"
IM-040 - P.P. Arnold "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
b/w "Life Is But Nothing"
IM-041 - Chris Farlowe "My Way of Giving"
b/w "You're So Good to Me"
IM-042 - Twice as Much "Crystal Ball"
b/w "Why Can't They All Go and Leave Me Alone"
IM-043 - Apostolic Intervention "(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me"
b/w "Madame Garcia"
IM-044 - Nicky Scott "Big City"
b/w "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
IM-045 - Nicky Scott "Backstreet Girl"
b/w "Chain Reaction"
IM-046 - The McCoys "I Got to Go Back" (from US Bang)
b/w "Dynamite"
IM-047 E-1901 P.P. Arnold "The First Cut Is the Deepest"
b/w "Speak to Me"
IM-048 - Mort Shuman IV "Monday, Monday"
b/w "Little Children"
IM-049 - Chris Farlowe "Yesterday's Papers"
b/w "Life Is But Nothing"
IM-050 E-1902 Small Faces "Here Come the Nice"
b/w "Talk to You"
IM-051 ZS7-502 John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
with Eric Clapton
"I'm Your Witchdoctor"
b/w "Telephone Blues"
IM-052 - Marquis of Kensington "The Changing of the Guard"
b/w "Reverse Thrust"
IM-053 - Murray Head "She Was Perfection"
b/w "Secondhand Monday"
IM-054 - The Australian Playboys "Black Sheep R.I.P."
b/w "Sad"
IM-055 - P.P. Arnold "The Time Has Come"
b/w "If You See What I Mean"
IM-056 - Chris Farlowe "Moanin'"
b/w "What Have I Been Doing?"
IM-057 ZS7-501 Small Faces "Itchycoo Park"
b/w "I'm Only Dreaming"
IM-058 - Warm Sounds "Sticks and Stones"
b/w "Angeline"
- ZS7-5002 Chris Farlowe "Paint It Black"
b/w "You're So Good to Me"
IM-059 ZS7-5004 The Nice "The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack"
b/w "Azrial (The Angel of Death)"
IM-060 - Rod Stewart "Little Miss Understood"
b/w "So Much to Say (So Little Time)"
IM-061 ZS7-5006 P.P. Arnold "(If You Think You're) Groovy"
b/w "Though It Hurts Me Badly"
IM-062 ZS7-5003 Small Faces "Tin Soldier"
b/w "I Feel Much Better"
IM-063 - Billy Nicholls "Would You Believe"
b/w "Daytime Girl"
IM-064 ZS7-5007 Small Faces "Lazy Sunday"
b/w "Rollin' Over (Part II of Happiness Stan)"
IM-065 ZS7-5005 Chris Farlowe "Handbags and Gladrags"
b/w "Everyone Makes a Mistake"
IM-066 - Chris Farlowe "The Last Goodbye" (from the film The Last Goodbye)
b/w "Paperman Fly in the Sky"
IM-067 - The Outer Limits "Great Train Robbery"
b/w "Sweet Freedom"
IM-067 - P.P. Arnold "Angel of the Morning"
b/w "Life Is But Nothing"
IM-068 ZS7-5008 The Nice "America" (from the musical West Side Story)
b/w "The Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon"
IM-069 ZS7-5009 Small Faces "The Universal"
b/w "Donkey Rides, a Penny a Glass"
IM-070 ZS7-5010 Duncan Browne "On the Bombsite"
b/w "Alfred Bell"
IM-071 ZS7-5011 Chris Farlowe "Paint It Black"
b/w "I Just Need Your Loving" (UK), "What Have I Been Doing?" (US)
IM-072 - The Nice "Brandenburger"
b/w "Happy Freuds"
- ZS7-5012 Small Faces "Mad John"
b/w "The Journey"
IM-073 ZS7-5013 Amen Corner "(If Paradise Is) Half as Nice"
b/w "Hey Hey Girl"
IM-074 - Chris Farlowe "Dawn"
b/w "April Was the Month"
IM-075 - Michael D'Abo "(See the Little People) Gulliver's Travels" (from the show Gulliver's Travels)
b/w "An Anthology of Gulliver's Travels - Part Two"
IM-076 - The McCoys "Hang on Sloopy" (from US Bang)
b/w "This Is Where We Came In"
IM-077 ZS7-5014 Small Faces "Afterglow of Your Love"
b/w "Wham Bam Thank You Man"
IM-078 - Chris Farlowe "Out of Time"
b/w "Ride on Baby"
IM-079 - P.P. Arnold "The First Cut Is the Deepest"
b/w "The Time Has Come"
IM-080 - Fleetwood Mac
(B-side under alias Earl Vince and the Valiants)
"Man of the World"
b/w "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonite"
IM-081 - Amen Corner "Hello Susie"
b/w "Evil Man's Gonna Win"
IM-082 IMOC-001 Humble Pie "Natural Born Bugie" (aka "Natural Born Woman")
b/w "Wrist Job" (aka "I'll Go Alone")
IM-083 ZS7-5015 (unused - reportedly slated to feature P.P. Arnold's "Would You Believe" b/w "Am I Still Dreaming")
IM-084 - Amen Corner "Get Back"
b/w "Farewell to the Real Magnificent Seven"
- ZS7-5016 The Hill "Sylvie"
b/w "The Fourth Annual Convention of the Battery Hen Farmers Association - Part II"
IM-085 - Amen Corner Greatest Hits Immediate IML 2004 Year 1977

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