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Incoloy refers to a range of superalloys produced by the Special Metals Corporation group of companies. They are mostly nickel-based, and designed for excellent corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures; there are specific alloys for resistance to particular chemical attacks (e.g. alloy 020 is designed to be resistant to sulphuric acid, DS to be used in heat-treating furnaces with reactive atmospheres and many heat cycles)

Incoloy MA956 is made by a mechanical alloying rather than a bulk-melting process; it was studied for space reactor components in the JIMO project. It is difficult to weld and needs to be heated to 200C for forming processes.[1]

Compositions (percentages)

Alloy name Balance metal Chromium Aluminum Titanium Carbon Yttrium oxide Copper Manganese Cobalt Nickel Phosphorus Silicon Sulphur Molybdenum Nb+Ti
020 [2] Fe (~40%) 20 n/p n/p <0.07 n/p 3.5 <2.0 n/p 35 <0.045 <1.0 <0.035 2.5 about 1
DS [3] Fe (~40%) 18 n/p 0.2 0.1 nil 0.5 0.8-1.5 18 (Co+Ni 38) 18 (Co+Ni 38) n/p 2.3 0.03
MA956 [1] Fe (~75%) 20 4.75 0.4 <0.1 0.5 <0.15 <0.3 <0.3 <0.5 <0.02 n/p n/p

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