Isometry Group
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Isometry Group

In mathematics, the isometry group of a metric space is the set of all bijective isometries (i.e. bijective, distance-preserving maps) from the metric space onto itself, with the function composition as group operation. Its identity element is the identity function.[1] The elements of the isometry group are sometimes called motions of the space.

Every isometry group of a metric space is a subgroup of isometries. It represents in most cases a possible set of symmetries of objects/figures in the space, or functions defined on the space. See symmetry group.

A discrete isometry group is an isometry group such that for every point of the space the set of images of the point under the isometries is a discrete set.

In pseudo-Euclidean space the metric is replaced with an isotropic quadratic form; transformations preserving this form are sometimes called "isometries", and the collection of them is then said to form an isometry group of the pseudo-Euclidean space.


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