Juan Navarrete
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Juan Navarrete

The membership of Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame includes 199 individuals through 2014.[1] The first members were inducted in 1939, followed by selections in 1964, and since 1971 by elections in most of the following years. Members are listed below with their year of selection, field position or other area of accomplishment, and nationality.

List of Members

Year Name Position Nationality
1939 Leo Najo Player (CF)  Mexico
Fernando Barradas Player (LHP)  Mexico
Antonio Delfín Player (RHP)  Mexico
Lucas Juárez Player (RHP)  Mexico
Julio Molina Player (RHP)  Mexico
1964 Ramón Bragaña Player (RHP)  Cuba
Genaro Casas Player (RHP)  Mexico
Ángel Castro Player (1B)  Mexico
Martín Dihigo Player (RHP)  Cuba
Lázaro Salazar Manager  Cuba
Epitacio Torres Player (RF)  Mexico
1971 Mel Almada Player (CF)  Mexico
Beto Ávila Player (2B)  Mexico
Roy Campanella Player (C)  United States
Ernesto Carmona Manager  Mexico
Alberto Romo Chávez Player (RHP)  Mexico
Josh Gibson Player (C)  United States
José Luis Gómez Player (2B)  Mexico
Monte Irvin Player (LF)  United States
Jorge Pasquel Executive  Mexico
Alejandro Aguilar Reyes Writer  Mexico
Jesús Valenzuela Player (RHP)  Mexico
1973 Agustín Bejerano Player (CF)  Cuba
Anuar Canavati Executive  Mexico
Manuel Oliveros Manager  Mexico
Roberto Ortiz Player (RF)  Cuba
Lázaro Penagos Executive  Mexico
Daniel Ríos Player (RHP)  United States
1974 Ramiro Cuevas Player (RHP)  Mexico
Al Pinkston Player (RF)  United States
Agustín Verde Manager  Cuba
1976 Guillermo Alvarez Player (SS)  Mexico
Fernando Campos Writer  Mexico
Luis Montes de Oca Player (3B)  Mexico
1977 Santos Amaro Player (RF)  Cuba
Guillermo Garibay Manager  Mexico
1978 Felipe Montúfar Player (RHP)  Mexico
1979 Jesús Díaz Player (CF)  Mexico
Basilio Rosell Player (RHP)  Cuba
1980 Carlos Alberto González Umpire  Mexico
Ramón Montes de Oca Player (1B)  Mexico
Eduardo Orvañanos Writer  Mexico
Leo Rodriguez Player (3B)  Mexico
1981 Tomás Arroyo Player (RHP)  Mexico
Salvador Castro Umpire  Mexico
Vinicio García Player (2B)  Mexico
Apolinar Pulido Player (SS)  Mexico
1982 Mario Ariosa Player (CF)  Cuba
Horacio Díaz Executive  Mexico
Manuel Echeverría Player (RHP)  Mexico
Francisco Ramírez Player (RHP)  Mexico
Wild Bill Wright Player (CF)  United States
1983 José Bache Player (2B)  Mexico
Ronny Camacho Player (1B)  Mexico
Felipe Montemayor Player (CF)  Mexico
Rafael Reyes Nájera Writer  Mexico
Alejo Peralta y Díaz de Ceballos Executive  Mexico
Claudio Solano Player (CF)  Mexico
1984 Gabriel Atristain Umpire  Mexico
Manuel González Caballero Writer  Mexico
Miguel Fernández Player (CF)  Mexico
Guillermo López Player (RHP)  Mexico
Alfonso Ramírez Player (RHP)  Mexico
1985 Adolfo Luque Manager  Cuba
Porfirio Martínez Player (RHP)  United States
Miguel Sotelo Player (RHP) / Manager  Mexico
1986 Rubén Amaro, Sr. Player (SS)  Mexico
Moisés Camacho Player (2B)  Mexico
Marcos Valdez Player (RHP)  Mexico
Benjamín Valenzuela Player (3B)  Mexico
1987 Manuel Chávez Player (3B)  Mexico
Jesús Flores Player (RHP)  Mexico
Juan Ley Fong Executive  Mexico
Guillermo Luna Player (LHP)  Mexico
Raúl Mendoza Mancilla Writer  Mexico
Antonio Ramírez Muro Executive  Mexico
1988 Abel Francisco Cano Writer  Mexico
Lino Donoso Player (LHP)  Cuba
Héctor Espino Player (1B)  Mexico
Horacio Piña Player (RHP)  Mexico
Arnulfo Rodríguez Executive  Mexico
Pedro Septién Writer  Mexico
1989 Ray Dandridge Player (SS)  United States
Oscar Esquivel Writer  Mexico
José Guerrero Player (3B)  Mexico
Teodoro Mariscal Executive  Mexico
1990 Alfonso Robinson Bours Executive  Mexico
Amado Maestri Umpire  Cuba
Ramón Montoya Player (CF)  Mexico
Tommy Morales Writer  Mexico
Alfredo Ríos Player (3B)  Mexico
1991 Jaime Corella Player (C)  Mexico
Agustín de Valdez Writer  Mexico
Juan Lima Umpire  Mexico
Chara Mansur Executive  Mexico
Antonio Pollorena Player (RHP)  Mexico
1992 Jorge Blanco Writer  Mexico
José Peña Player (RHP)  Mexico
Benjamín 'Cananea' Reyes Manager  Mexico
Armando Rodríguez Umpire  Cuba
Vicente Romo Player (RHP)  Mexico
1993 Ramón Arano Player (RHP)  Mexico
Humberto Galaz Writer  Mexico
René González Player (1B)  Cuba
Aurelio López Player (RHP)  Mexico
Homobono Márquez Executive  Mexico
Alfredo Ortiz Player (LHP)  Mexico
Oscar Rodríguez Player (CF)  Puerto Rico
1994 Jaime Pérez Avella Executive  Mexico
Carlos Galina Player (1B)  Mexico
Miguel Gaspar Player (C)  Mexico
Celerino Sánchez Player (3B)  Mexico
Miguel Suárez Player (RF)  Mexico
1995 Rodolfo Alvarado Player (RHP)  Mexico
William Berzunza Player (1B)  Mexico
Arnoldo Castro Player (2B)  Mexico
Aurelio Rodríguez Player (3B)  Mexico
1996 Jorge Alarcón Writer  Mexico
César Díaz Player (RHP)  Mexico
Juan Manuel Ley López Executive  Mexico
Orestes Miñoso Player (RF)  Cuba
Jorge Orta Player (2B)  Mexico
1997 Andrés Ayón Player (RHP)  Cuba
Alfonso Araujo Bojorquez Writer  Mexico
Maximino León Player (RHP)  Mexico
Víctor Saíz Umpire  Mexico
1998 Don Eugenio Garza Sada Executive  Mexico
Marcelo Juárez Player (CF)  Mexico
Juan Navarrete Player (2B)  Mexico
Miguel Solís Player (RHP)  Mexico
1999 George Brunet Player (LHP)  United States
Pedro Treto Cisneros Executive  Mexico
Gregorio Luque Player (C)  Mexico
Francisco Maytorena Player (RHP)  Mexico
2000 Francisco 'Paquín' Estrada Player (C)  Mexico
Gabriel Lugo Player (2B)  Mexico
Roberto Méndez Player (2B)  Mexico
Mario Mendoza Player (SS)  Mexico
2001 Jorge Fitch Player (SS)  Mexico
Jack Pierce Player (1B)  United States
Pedro Ramírez Player (CF)  Mexico
Rudy Sandoval Player (C)  Mexico
2002 Salomé Barojas Player (RHP)  Mexico
Ernesto Escárrega Player (RHP)  Mexico
Roberto Mansur Galán Executive  Mexico
José Maiz García Executive  Mexico
Mario Hernández Maytorena Executive  United States
Jesús Sommers Player (3B)  Mexico
2003 Nelson Barrera Player (3B)  Mexico
Enrique Kerlegand Writer  Mexico
Andrés Mora Player (1B)  Mexico
Enrique Romo Player (RHP)  Mexico
Fermín Vázquez Player (3B)  Mexico
2004 Sid Monge Player (LHP)  Mexico
Elpidio Osuna Player (CF)  Mexico
Chico Rodríguez Player (SS)  Mexico
Ismael Ruiz Umpire  Mexico
2005 Cy Acosta Player (RHP)  Mexico
Enrique Aguilar Player (3B)  Mexico
Herminio Domínguez Player (LHP)  Mexico
Rafael Garcia Player (RHP)  United States
Alvaro Lebrija Executive  Mexico
2006 Jorge de la Serna Writer  Mexico
José Isabel Jiménez Writer  Mexico
Jaime Orozco Player (RHP)  Mexico
Sergio Robles Player (C)  Mexico
Ray Torres Player (RF)  Mexico
2007 Francisco Alcaraz Umpire  Mexico
Benjamín Cerda Player (3B)  Mexico
Houston Jiménez Player (SS)  Mexico
Carlos Soto Player (C)  Mexico
2008 Antonio Briones Player (2B)  Mexico
Enrique Castillo Player (RHP)  Mexico
Arcadio Valenzuela Executive  Mexico
2009 Salvador Colorado Player (RHP)  Mexico
Arturo González Player (RHP)  Mexico
Juan José Pacho Player (SS)  Mexico
Domingo Setien Broadcaster  Mexico
2010 Derek Bryant Player (OF)  United States
Efraín Ibarra Umpire  Mexico
Armando Reynoso Player (RHP)  Mexico
Gerardo Sánchez Player (OF)  Mexico
Alonso Téllez Player (OF)  Mexico
2011 Jimmie Collins Player (OF)  United States
Mercedes Esquer Player (LHP)  Mexico
Teddy Higuera Player (LHP)  Mexico
Arturo León Executive  Mexico
2012 Alejandro Ortiz Player (3B)  Mexico
Juan Francisco Rodríguez Player (2B)  Mexico
Eduardo Valdez Vizcarra Broadcaster  Mexico
2013 Cornelio García Player (1B)  Mexico
Alfredo Mariscal Player (LHP)  Mexico
Jesús Ríos Player (RHP)  Mexico
Juan Suby Player (RHP)  Mexico
Jesús Monter Umpire  Mexico
2014 Daniel Fernández Player (OF)  Mexico
Cuauhtémoc Rodríguez Executive  Mexico
Ricardo Sáenz Player (OF)  Mexico
Fernando Valenzuela Player (LHP)  Mexico


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