List of Faroese People
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List of Faroese People
Famous for their peaceful community, unique culture with old ballads and chain-dance, hospitality and cosmopolitanism - despite, or due to their isolated islands in the North Atlantic: Faroese people.

This is a list of famous or important Faroese people. In a small island-society of fewer than 50,000 inhabitants, each person can gain certain meaning for the entire nation. The people listed below, are among those who played or play a distinct role in Faroese culture, politics and history. Many of them are renowned outside the Faroes, especially in Denmark and other Nordic countries.


Authors and poets

Cinema and theatre artists and film people


Painters, graphical artists and sculptors

Elinborg Lützen, bust by Janus Kamban. Photo: Ole Wich

Leaders and politicians



Scholars, scientists and academics

Explorers and travellers



Chess players


  • Jona Henriksen (born 1924), politician, one of the first women to be elected to the Løgting
  • Karin Kjølbro (born 1944), politician, one of the first women to be elected to the Løgting
  • Liffa Gregoriussen (1904-1992), fashion designer and feminist
  • Malla Samuelsen (1909-1997), politician, the first woman to sit in the Løgting

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