List of Indonesian Rock Bands
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List of Indonesian Rock Bands
Jakarta Rock Parade performance in 2008

Rock Indo (Indonesian:Rock Indo) is rock music from Indonesia, a product of the culture and globalizing outlook of the country, similar to this genre's music globally.[1] Indonesian-specific ideas about individualism, interdependency, modernism, and the supernatural have also been observed in the rock videos and music of the nation.[1] Some Indonesian rock bands sometimes perform in the Dangdut style, which was created as a reaction to the influx of popular American music into the country in the 1960s.[2] Due to the politicizing of the Dangdut form in the 1980s, forms of rock which contained more foreign influences came to represent dissent from the Suharto government.[2]

One of the largest rock festivals in Indonesia is the Jakarta Rock Parade, a 3-day festival recently hosting over 100 bands.[3]

List of bands

This is a list of Indonesian rock bands:

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