List of Major League Baseball Career Hit by Pitch Leaders
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List of Major League Baseball Career Hit by Pitch Leaders
Hughie Jennings holds the record for most times hit by a pitch

In baseball, hit by pitch (HBP) is a situation in which a batter or his clothing or equipment (other than his bat) is struck directly by a pitch from the pitcher; the batter is called a hit batsman (HB). A hit batsman is awarded first base, provided that (in the plate umpire's judgment) he made an honest effort to avoid the pitch, although failure to do so is rarely called by an umpire. Being hit by a pitch is often caused by a batter standing too close to, or "crowding", home plate.

Below is the list of the top 100 Major League Baseball players who have been hit by a pitch the most during their MLB careers.

Hughie Jennings holds the Major League record for most hit by pitches, getting hit 287 times in his career. Craig Biggio (285), Tommy Tucker (272), Don Baylor (267), Jason Kendall (254), Ron Hunt (243), Dan McGann (230), and Chase Utley (204) are the only other players to be hit by 200 or more pitches during their careers.


Rank Rank amongst leaders in career hit batsmen. A blank field indicates a tie.
Player (2019 HBP) Number of times hit by pitch during the 2019 Major League Baseball season.
HBP Total career times hit by pitch.
* Denotes elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Bold Denotes active player.[note 1]


Shin-Soo Choo, the active leader and 23rd all-time in being hit by pitches.
  • Stats updated as of 2019 season.
Rank Player (2019 HBP) HBP
1 Hughie Jennings * 287
2 Craig Biggio * 285
3 Tommy Tucker 272
4 Don Baylor 267
5 Jason Kendall 254
6 Ron Hunt 243
7 Dan McGann 230
8 Chase Utley 204
9 Frank Robinson * 198
10 Minnie Miñoso 192
11 Jake Beckley * 183
12 Jason Giambi 180
13 Andrés Galarraga 178
14 Alex Rodriguez 176
15 Curt Welch 173
16 Carlos Delgado 172
17 Derek Jeter * 170
18 Kid Elberfeld 165
19 Fernando Viña 157
20 Brady Anderson 154
Fred Clarke * 154
22 Chet Lemon 151
23 Shin-Soo Choo (18) 150
24 Jose Guillen 145
Anthony Rizzo (27) 145
26 David Eckstein 143
Carlton Fisk * 143
28 Nellie Fox * 142
29 Art Fletcher 141
30 Bill Dahlen 140
31 Chuck Knoblauch 139
32 Larry Walker * 138
33 Frank Chance * 137
34 Gary Sheffield 135
35 Dummy Hoy 134


  1. ^ A player is considered inactive if he has announced his retirement or not played for a full season.

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